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SINUMERIK: 5-axis circular pocket-hole milling

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With multiaxis machining, the main objectives are to achieve perfect surface quality, precision, and speed without any need for remachining (reworking). Specifically in tool and mold making as well as in the aerospace domain, complex surface geometries must be machined with a high degree of precision in a short time. A machine tool is required, which in addition to linear axes X, Y and Z, has at least two additional rotary axes (rotation around the linear axes). The rotary axes must be able to be simultaneously controlled.
A hole is to be milled in a cylinder using 5-axis transformation. Drilling motion is helical, the milling tool position is positioned at a specific angle and tilted backward when milling. The TRAORI function with orientation vectors A3, B3, C3 is used in order that the milling tool can be optimally used, and/or the diameter of the milling tool (for generally used milling tool sizes) is independent of the hole diameter. The 5-axis helical solution can be applied for holes and circular pockets.


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