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Why are configured objects not displayed as expected in WinCC (TIA Portal)?

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Make operating system settings

The display settings in the Windows operating system are such that it might happen that configured objects are not displayed as expected in WinCC (TIA Portal). This behavior can occur both during the engineering as well as in the simulation or after transfer of the project to the PLC. Below are selected examples. If you get these or similar display errors, follow the instructions.


  • The script is displayed bold in Runtime or Simulation even though it is not configured as bold (see Entry ID 62052785).
  • Configured objects which are visible in the Engineering System are no longer displayed in the Simulation or PC Runtime or are displayed in a different size.
  • Objects that you have copied from a library are displayed differently to when they were stored in the library.


  1. Windows 8: Open the Control Panel by searching for "Control Panel".

    Fig. 01

    Windows 7: Open the Control Panel via "Start > Control Panel".

    Fig. 02
  2. Change the display setting to "Small icons".

    Fig. 03
  3. Click the "Display" icon.

    Fig. 04
  4. Change the setting to "Smaller - 100%".

    Fig. 05

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