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TIA Portal - An Overview of the Most Important Documents and Links - Safety

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This site gives you an overview of the most important documents and links for the TIA Portal. Both newcomers and experienced TIA Portal users have an entry here to the essential information about the TIA Portal.

Important details to the TIA Portal technologically integrated you can reach via the links below:

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Here you have direct access to the most important technical information and solutions for Safety.

Product Information

Delivery release STEP 7 Safety Basic / Advanced V15.1


SIMATIC STEP 7 Safety Advanced V15.1 – TRIAL


SIMATIC Industrial Software SIMATIC Safety - Configuring and Programming
SIMATIC S7-1200/S7-1500 F-CPUs
Programming Guideline Safety for SIMATIC S7-1200/1500
SIMATIC S7 S7-1200 Functional Safety Manual
Safety Integrated Function Manual for SINAMICS G110M, G120, G120C, G120D and SIMATIC ET 200pro FC-2
SIMATIC S7-1500, S7-1500R/H, ET 200SP, ET 200pro Cycle and response times
ET 200SP Fail-Safe I/O Modules
Other manuals with Safety


Implementing Safety Functions by the SIMATIC S7-1200 with Safety Integrated (Video)
Safety Applications with S7-1200 FC CPU
Sequential Muting of a Light Curtain with S7-1500
Operating mode selection in conjunction with functional safety
Reading of failsafe analog Values (4...mA)
Using the Mobile Panels 2nd generation in Fail-Safe Applications
Monitoring the feedback circuit in the safety program
SINAMICS G: Speed control of a G120 using S7-300/400 (TIA Portal) with PROFINET/PROFIBUS, Safety Integrated (via PROFIsafe) and HMI
SINAMICS G: Speed Control of a G120 (Startdrive) with S7-1200 via PROFINET/PROFIBUS DP with Safety Integrated (via Terminal) and HMI
Controlling the Safety Integrated Functions of the SINAMICS S120 with a SIMATIC S7-1500F via PROFIsafe
SINAMICS S: S110/S120 Safety Acceptance Test
SIMATIC S7-F/P Press Safety Blocks
Burner Technology for S7 F Systems (Burner Library)
Wiring and Voting Architectures for failsafe Analog Input Modules (F-AI) of the ET 200M
SIMATIC - Failsafe library LDrvSafe to control the Safety Integrated functions of the SINAMICS drive family
Monitoring a protective door up to PL e / SIL 3 with a fail-safe S7-1500 controller
Protective door with spring-loaded interlocking with an S7-1500
Emergency stop up to SIL 3 / PL e with a fail-safe S7-1500 controller
Safety position, standstill, direction and speed detection
Specification of Limit Values for Safely Limited Speed (SLS) from a Non-Safety HMI
Other Applications with Safety in TIA Portal


Configuration examples for unique network-wide and CPU-wide PROFIsafe addresses
Why can you not open a project created with a previous version of STEP 7 Safety Advanced in the current version of STEP 7 (TIA Portal)?
What should you watch for with configuration control (option handling) with fail-safe controllers S7-1200 and S7-1500?
Diagnostic coverage level to be specified and achievable safety integrity level for subsystems or SRP/CS with electromechanical components
When changes are made in the standard user program, why do you have to load in the STOP mode with fail-safe S7-1200F/S7-1500F CPUs?
Where can you find the TÜV certificates relevant for SIMATIC S7 F/FH systems?
What should you do if the F-CPU goes into STOP mode and the message "Data corruption in the safety program ..." appears in the diagnostics buffer?
How do you assign the associated PROFIsafe addresses to the F modules of the ET 200SP without additional Engineering?
How can an overflow of arithmetic operations in the fail-safe program be intercepted?
What should you watch out for when using the fail-safe communication blocks of S7 F Systems Lib V1.3 SP2 and higher?
What should you watch out for when you want to change the address by delta loading on an F_CH_AI channel driver block that has already been loaded?
How do you do a fail-safe switch-off of standard modules?
Know-how protection in fail-safe programs
Other FAQs on the topic of Safety Advanced

General Topics

Safety Evaluation Tool
TIA Selection Tool
Interaction of SIMATIC control technology with SINAMICS drives

Training / Courses

SITRAIN Training courses for SIMATIC S7-300/-400
SITRAIN Trainings for Safety Integrated
SITRAIN courses for advanced professional training for all aspects of the TIA Portal