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Description of the Product Lifecycle for SIMATIC HMI Products (PLM)

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The general Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) describes all the lifecycle phases of a product.

We differentiate between core products/system components ( panels, connector boxes ) and the accessories of a product (memory cards, connectors,…).


While the core products/system components run through all the milestones, the milestones "Announcement of Product Phaseout" and "Product Cancellation"  are not used for the SIMATIC HMI accessories.

This means that the SIMATIC HMI accessories remain available during the complete lifecycle of the core products/system components and can be ordered on a normal basis.
This also means that the SIMATIC HMI products and accessories typically remain available for a period of up to 22 years.

Description of the most important milestones for SIMATIC Panels

  • Product Delivery Release (P.M 300)
    From this date on the product is available for delivery for up to 12 years, i.e. available for normal ordering. This is also the active selling phase.
  • Announcement of Product Phaseout (P.M 400)
    This milestone is the beginning of the 10-year spare part commitment period. The product is still available as a new part, but the active selling phase has ended.
  • Product Cancellation (end of production) (P.M 410)
    This milestone is the beginning of the spare part phase. With some exceptions the product is only available on spare part basis.
  • Product Discontinuation (P.M 490)
    This milestone is the end of our 10-year spare part commitment period. The product is no longer available from us and the support is discontinued. This is also the end of the PLM of the SIMATIC HMI accessories for this product, which then cease to be available.


Standard PLM



Accessories PLM


Example: "Announcement of Product Phaseout SIMATIC OP 77B, TP/OP 177B, TP/OP 277, MP 177, MP277 and MP377"

The consequences for the type discontinuation of the SIMATIC OP 77B, TP/OP 177B, TP/OP 277, MP 177, MP 277 and MP 377 units as planned for Oct. 1, 2014 (see entry ID 62977695) are:

  • The operator panels remain available on a spare part basis until the time of Product Discontinuation on Oct. 1, 2022 (in exceptional cases als as new parts).
  • The associated SIMATIC HMI accessories will remain available for normal ordering until Oct. 1, 2022.


Where can I find information about the current milestone of a product?

In the SIEMENS Industry Mall


In the Industry Online Support in the respective Product View 


In a "Product Bulletin" / SIMATIC Update


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