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SINAMICS G/S: Generating GSDML files for S120, S150, G130, G150, S110

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Generating specific GSDML files for SINAMICS S120, S150, G130, G150, S110 configurations, to integrate this drives at STEP 7 (TIA-Portal) with this structure.

The SINAMICS S120, S150, G130 and G150 inverters can be configured with both Stardrive or STARTER. 

TIA Portal applications that use SINAMICS devices configured with STARTER must rely on GSD configurations of these devices.

Configuring in parallel in the TIA Portal and in STARTER is possible under the following general conditions:

  • Telegrams are configured manually and separately in the TIA Portal and in STARTER.
  • Telegram configurations are not synchronized with one another.
  • Changes to the configuration must be updated on both sides.

As a consequence, configuring costs increase and also the possibility of making mistakes.

The scripts presented here generate GSDML files for specific drive configurations. The script runs in the context of STARTER. The user installs the generated GSDML files in the TIA Portal, and there they are directly available in the hardware catalog.

The above-mentioned points can be significantly improved with this approach:

  • Telegrams are only configured in STARTER.
  • Configuring telegrams in the TIA Portal is synchronized with configuring telegrams in STARTER.
  • Changes to the configuration only have to be updated in STARTER.

Configuring a drive must comply with the following conditions in order that the script can create a GSDML file: 

  • It involves a SINAMICS S120, S150, G130 or G150 device.
  • It involves a SINAMICS S110 device
  • The device has firmware version V4.3 or higher.
  • Cyclic communication is configured via PROFINET; optionally on board or with the Communication Board Extension (CBE).
  • Cyclic communication is realized via the logical IF1 interface.

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Application description V2.2

  Generating_GSDML_files_for_SINAMICS_drives_V2_2_EN.pdf (704,5 KB)

Script V2.2.1:

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