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SINAMICS S120: OA application SETPGEN (Setpoint Generator)

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A signal generator with predefined signal waveforms (sine wave, square wave, sawtooth) and a signal frequency of up to 1.6kHz is required, where the frequency, amplitude, phase offset and offset can be changed during the runtime.

For SINAMICS, the customer-specific OA application "setpoint generator" (SETPGEN) is an expansion for the SERVO and VECTOR drive objects. From SINAMICS FW V4.3 and higher, the OA application can be subsequently installed on SINAMICS S120 drives.

The setpoint generator comprises three individual signal generators, which can be simultaneously operated. The required signal waveform can be set for each signal generator using the appropriate parameters in the expert list.

The following signal waveforms are possible:

  • Sinue wave,
  • Square wave,
  • Sawtooth.

A binector input is used to enable the calculation of the complete setpoint generator. Frequency, amplitude, phase offset and offset are entered via connector inputs for each signal generator.

Connector outputs for the output signals of each signal generator as well as the complete setpoint generator are available for downstream interconnection. For instance, these connector outputs can be interconnected:

  • With connector inputs inside the closed-loop control, e.g.:
    • Supplementary setpoint,
    • Supplementary torque.
  • With analog outputs, e.g.:
    • TM31 analog outputs, signal source.

A detailed description of SETPGEN is provided in the associated function manual under downloads. A license is required to use the OA application.


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Function Manual SETPGEN Setpoint Generator

SETPGEN_OA_Funktionshandbuch_FH10_0312_eng.pdf ( 402 KB )

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