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Entry type: Product note Entry ID: 92082331, Entry date: 05/28/2014

Start of delivery for the commissioning tool DriveMonitor V5.5 SP2 for SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, MICROMASTER and SIMOREG

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Version V5.5 SP2 (Release V05.05.02.00_27.00.00.00) of DriveMonitor is released for delivery starting May 2014 for the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES drive series; effective immediately it can be downloaded from the Internet.

DriveMonitor is the higher-level commissioning tool for drives belonging to the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, MICROMASTER, SIMOREG and SIMADYN D device families.


  • Commissioning, parameterization, monitoring and diagnostics of SIEMENS drives in a standard environment via the PG/PC serial interface, using the Siemens-specific USS protocol.
  • It can run under Microsoft Windows operating systems, see download entry: 11769381.
  • Data transfer between the PG/PC and the drives using RS232/RS485 physics via the serial COM interfaces of the PG/PC as well as via OPC.
  • Parameterization is possible both online (there is a connection to the drive) as well as offline (there is no connection to the drive, e.g. in an office environment).
  • Management of parameter sets (upread, download, compare, print)
  • Prompted, graphic commissioning for the MASTERDRIVES VC and MC devices as well as SIMOREG DC Master
  • Internal state variables can be conveniently read out (recorded using the trace function) and displayed in the same way as on a digital storage oscilloscope, including evaluation aides
  • Firmware download for option cards from the MASTERDRIVES range, for example the PROFIBUS board CBP2
  • Graphic online diagnostic screen forms for MASTERDRIVES MC regarding the speed controller, position controller, basic positioner (EPOS) and synchronous operation
  • Tree view of the parameter menu for simpler navigation in DriveMonitor.
  • Device identification (DriveMonitor determines the firmware releases of connected drives)
  • Import and export of freely defined parameter lists

DriveMonitor V5.5 SP2 supports the following devices and current firmware versions:

All previous versions of the devices are also naturally supported. The versions that have been newly included are shown in bold.

  • MASTERDRIVES VC Compact Plus V3.4
  • MASTERDRIVES MC Compact Plus V1.6
  • MASTERDRIVES MC Performance 2 V2.5
  • MASTERDRIVES MC Compact Plus Performance 2 V2.5
  • MASTERDRIVES CU1(V1.3), CU2 (V1.4), CU3 (V1.1)
  • MICROMASTER 410 to V1.0 (only in DriveMonitor standalone installation)
  • MICROMASTER 411 to V1.3 (only in DriveMonitor standalone installation)
  • MICROMASTER 420 to V1.3 (only in DriveMonitor standalone installation)
  • MICROMASTER 430 to V2.2 (only in DriveMonitor standalone installation)
  • MICROMASTER 440 to V2.2 (only in DriveMonitor standalone installation)
  • MICROMASTER Vector to V2.0
  • MIDIMASTER Vector V2.0
  • MIDIMASTER Eco V1.09
  • SIMOVERT S V10.4
  • SIPLINK V1.0
  • SIMADYN D CBP2 USS slave
  • SIMADYN D SRT400 CBP2 USS slave
  • SIMOREG K 6RA24 V2.4
  • SIMOTRAS 6SG70 V2.2

What is NEW in release V5.5 SP2 when compared to previous versions

  • Support for the operating system Windows 8.1 (32/64 Bit)

  • Installation problem with V5.5 SP1 in certain environments

DriveMonitor is also included in the MASTERDRIVES documentation CD, which in addition to DriveMonitor also includes the complete documentation for the SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES drive series. This CD is included as standard when MASTERDRIVES drives are shipped.
An updated CD with the new DriveMonitor version is planned.

When required, the CD can also be separately ordered using the following MLFB.

Article number Product designation
6SX7010-0FA10 MASTERDRIVES documentation CD

As alternative to the CD, the current DriveMonitor version can also be downloaded from the Internet. You can find the download (approx. 478 MB) under 11769381.

Compatibility between DriveMonitor and SIMOVIS files:

  • It goes without saying, that all files (file name extension .DNL) which were created with SIMOVIS can also be processed using DriveMonitor.
  • When opening a SIMOVIS file with DriveMonitor, users are only requested to enter a few pieces of supplementary information.
  • However, a DNL file created by DriveMonitor cannot be processed with SIMOVIS; this means that the files are only upwards compatible – and not downwards compatible.

For more detailed information, please contact your local Siemens office.

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