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PROFIBUS GSD files ET 200AL : Station type IM 157-1 DP


Station type: IM 157-1 DP (Rev.5)
Order no.: 6ES7 157-1AA00-0AB0
Version: V1.4.16 (06/2020)
 Registrierung notwendig  ET200AL_IM157-1DP.zip (68,3 KB)
SHA256 checksum: FE77F9A611197E6E6182C3AEFC010536B67C72E18C4D2CAE1FB1BEE76D3EA68F

Station type: IM 157-1 DP (Rev.3)
Order no.: 6ES7 157-1AA00-0AB0
Version: V1.4.16 (06/2020)
 Registrierung notwendig  ET200AL_IM157-1DP_Rev3.ZIP (61,3 KB)
SHA256 checksum: 64BAF62D90DC136BC5D934738C64DE5ED2126A7A543B0F7C56F3945EEDF4FB50

FAQ: How do you determine the SHA-256 or SHA-512 checksum of a file?  109483101 

An additional GSD file in revision 3 is now available in addition to the previous PROFIBUS GSD files with revision 5

Using the GSD files

  • This GSD file is only to be used if the configuration cannot be done using the GSD file revision 5.
  • The revision 3 GSD files can be used with all engineering tools that do not support the revision 5 GSD files e.g. COM PROFIBUS. There are also many older engineering tools that do not allow the installation of newer GSD files because they contain newer key words.
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