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SIMATIC STEP7 Reaktionszeit Tabelle / Safety Reaction Time Table SIMATIC S7-1500F / S7-1200F

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SIMATIC STEP7 Reaktionszeit Tabelle / Safety Reaction Time Table SIMATIC S7-1500F / S7-1200F



The S7 Reaction Time Table (S7Safety_RTTplus*.xls) is used for theoretical estimation of F-execution times, F-runtimes, F- monitoring times and F-response times in connection with the SIMATIC S7-1500F and SIMATIC S7-1200FC CPUs during system layout.

The execution times of the F-application blocks, the F-FBD/F-LAD elements and the runtime of the F-runtime group were determined based on SIMATIC STEP7 Safety Advanced.

Provision must still be made for measurement of the actual values in the real system, taking into account all actuators and sensors and any constraints. The S7Safety_RTTplus*.xls is not legally binding and must not replace system acceptance testing or be incorporated into the system documentation.

The runtime times are valid under the following conditions:

The "Max. runtime of F-runtime group" can be extended due to, among other things, the communication load (e.g. S7 communication, PROFINET IO communication, PG/OP communication), the processing of higher-priority interrupts and the testing and commissioning functions.
 You can determine the effect of these factors based on the documentation and configuration of the standard system and add it to the value calculated up to now. The application is documented in the manual "SIMATIC Industrial Software SIMATIC Safety - Configuration and Programming" Appendix A "Monitoring and response times". 54110126


For statements about the expected reaction time  when integrating a SIMATIC Mobile Panel, please refer to article  27097159 "How do you incorporate the execution times of the F blocks for the Mobile Panel ... ".



 Registrierung notwendig  s7safety_rttplus.xlsm (563,3 KB)


The language switch is located within the table (Row 1, Column K: German/English/French)

When using Office365 applications, note that the corresponding macros have to be activated separately.

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