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SIMATIC STEP7 Safety Reaction Time Table SIMATIC S7-1500F / S7-1200F

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SIMATIC STEP7 Safety Reaction Time Table SIMATIC S7-1500F / S7-1200F


The S7Safety Reaction Time Table (S7Safety_RTTplus*.xls) is used for the theoretical estimation of F execution times, F runtimes, F monitoring and reaction times for the SIMATIC S7-1500F and S7-1200 FC CPU's during the initial planning phase.

The execution times of the F application software blocks, the F FBD/F LAD elements and the runtime of the F runtime group was determined on the basis of SIMATIC STEP7 Safety Advanced.

The actual measurement under true conditions including all relevant Actors and Sensors on the final installation has still to be performed and documented accordingly. The S7Safety_RTT plus*.xls cannot be used instead of the actual Approval nor replace the required Protocol.

The runtime figures are applicable under the following limiting conditions:

The "max. runtime of the F runtime group" can be extended, amongst other things, due to communication load (e.g. S7 communication, PROFINET IO communication, PG/OP communication), due to processing of higher priority interrupts and due to testing and commissioning functions.
You can determine the influence of these factors by means of the documentation and configuration of the standard system and add this value to the previously calculated one. The user manual "SIMATIC Industrial Software, SIMATIC Safety - Configuring and Programming", Chapt. A: Monitoring and Reaction Times“ includes the documentation for S7Safety_RTT 54110126

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