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Machine-oriented operator control and monitoring in the Online Support

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This page gives you an overview of the most important documents and links on machine-oriented operator control and monitoring. Beginners as well as experienced TIA Portal users can find an introduction to the most important information.

Human Machine Interface: A vital factor in the world of automation

Our human machine interface products are the intelligent answer to ever more complex processes and higher demands on the functionality of machines and systems. SIMATIC HMI is optimally tailored to your specific requirements for all aspects of operator control and monitoring. The individual components can be perfectly integrated into your automation project through the consistent use of open, standardized interfaces in hardware and software.
The configuration via WinCC in the TIA Portal is unique and you will benefit from so far unknown engineering efficiency.

Further HMI topics overview  pages

SIMATIC HMI in the Online Support
WinCC TIA Portal and WinCC Unified - An Overview of the Most Important Documents and Links -
Migration of Plants with SIMATIC (TIA Portal) - Visualization
SIMATIC WinCC in the Online Support

Where can you find more information about SIMATIC WinCC Open Architecture (formerly PVSS)?

Overall topics


Overview of all topics
Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology
SIMATIC Apps: An Overview of the Most Important Documents and Links
Energy Management with SIMATIC in the Industry Online Support

Product-related access to entries in the Online Support

Comfort Panels
2nd-generation Basic Panels
1st-generation Basic Panels
Mobile Panels
Key Panels


Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology
When upgrading your TIA Portal project to V15 or higher, why do you get this error message: "The device [XY] is not supported in this version."?
How do you use the control program to determine the connection box to which the KTP Mobile Panel is connected?
Which ports are used by WinCC Advanced, WinCC Runtime Advanced, WinCC Runtime Professional, Basic Panels, Comfort Panels, Panels and IPC?
How do you evaluate the "RUN / STOP" mode of the CPU via an HMI operator panel?
Which hardware can be connected to the USB port on HMI operator panels?
Further FAQ for HMI operator panels

Application examples


Toolbox for HMI Projects
HMI design with the HMI Template Suite
Communication via OPC UA with SIMATIC HMI systems (Comfort Panels, Runtime Advanced, Runtime Professional)
User login on HMI operator panels via RFID and the SIRIUS ACT ID Key Switch
Integrating HMI Operator Panels in TCP/IP Networks and access to a NAS or to a shared Windows folder and data exchange via "SIMATIC Option+ Manager".
Logging Process Values and Alarms with WinCC (TIA Portal)
Remote Access to SIMATIC HMI Operator Panels
Monitoring Machines and Plants with Network Cameras and SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels
Further manuals for HMI operator panels


SIMATIC HMI HMI devices Comfort Panels Migration Guide(Product Information)
SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels and ITC(Operating Instructions)
SIMATIC HMI HMI devices Comfort Panels(Getting Started)
SIMATIC HMI HMI devices Basic Panels 2nd Generation
SIMATIC HMI HMI devices Basic Panels(Migration Guide)
SIMATIC HMI Key Panels Library
SIMATIC HMI Mobile Panel 277 IWLAN V2, Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN V2, Mobile Panel 277F IWLAN (RFID Tag)
Further manuals for HMI operator panels

Conferences in the Technical Forum

The Technical Forum offers a discussion platform in German and English, where users and experts can exchange experiences and tips.

Technical Forum Panels (German)

Technical Forum Panels (English)

Multimedia contents


The videos below show complex technical contexts, products, functional correlations and instructions.

SIMATIC HMI Panels with new Look & Feel (YouTube link)
Presentation of the 2nd-Generation Basic Panels (Video)
SIMATIC HMI Panel trailer (YouTube link)
Mobile Panels 2nd Generation Power&Safety in your hands
A treat for the eyes - Tailored visualization


Comfort Panels
Mobile Panels
2nd-generation Basic Panels
Key Panels



Sm@rtClient App Demo Access
SIMATIC Remote Services
TIA Selection Tool



SITRAIN Course: SIMATIC WinCC machine-based in the TIA Portal

SITRAIN Course: SIMATIC WinCC machine-based in the TIA Portal (web-based training for persons switching)

Product information


Delivery Release of SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panel PRO
Phase-out declaration Mobile Panel 277(F) IWLAN and transponders
Delivery Release SIMATIC Comfort Outdoor Panel (HMI Comfort Outdoor)
Description of the product lifecycle for SIMATIC HMI products (PLM)
Delivery Release for SIMATIC HMI 2nd Generation Basic Panels

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