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Using recipes with S7-1200

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The integrated recipe functions facilitate an easy administration of your recipes. The recipe functions can be operated for example through user-defined web pages (AWP) in the PLC’s web server.

In production or process automation, the application of recipes is useful wherever different variants or compositions of a product shall be produced. The application is therefore not restricted to the different composition of various content materials. Recipes can, for example, also be applied to different production processes. For example, product A is shrink wrapped, strapped and labelled, product B is packaged, printed on and shrink wrapped. The application shall illustrate a simplified filling process and work with a recipe management. Via a simple operating interface the user shall be able to observe and control the process. The integration into an existing infrastructure shall be possible without greater expenses.

The automation solution uses an S7-1200 controller and the integrated recipe and webserver functionality. Connecting a PG/PC to the controller enables calling the values of the filling process via a user-defined web page (AWP) in the web server of the CPU. Furthermore, it is possible via AWP to view recipes (export function), change and reload recipes (import function) as well as control the application. Operation is handled via the bowser of the PG or PC e.g. Internet Explorer.

Fig. 1

The solution presented here offers you the following advantages:

  • Time and cost saving by simple configuration via TIA Portal and use of already existing hardware
  • Expandability
  • Easy integration into existing systems
  • Comfortable option to gain an overview of the application or even implement control functions
  • Access to the CPU via standard mechanisms, especially relating to the plant - each CPU can obtain its own page, if required
  • Access protection for the web server by means of user management
  • Operating personnel without any automation knowledge is also provided simple access to the CPU

Documentation and example project 
  Documentation (4,1 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  STEP 7 applicable for Project V13 SP1 (4,3 MB)

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