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Entry type: FAQ Entry ID: 9806361, Entry date: 06/11/2002

AS-i Safety: Deviation of the safety relevant norm DIN EN 60204

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Request : Does the safety monitor fulfills the norm DIN 

   EN 60204-1: 1997?


   Under item, in this you find, that only hardwired electromechanical

   operating equipment may be used for stop category 0.

   This isn't given at the safety monitor since it is attached by a bus system.

Suggestion : The norm DIN EN 60204-1: 1997 says under


   "Where a category 0 stop is used for the emergency stop function, it shall 

   have only hard-wired electromechanical components"


   In the preface of the execution of 1998-11 also electronic components were 

   allowed for the first time:


   "Furthermore these instructions explain that in cases in which other norms 

   other technical solutions allow when fixed in the EN 60204-1 these other 

   technical solutions may be used. Also electronic components can be used for 

   emergency stop functions -  independent of the stop category - if they have 

   (under consideration of EN 954-1 and / or IEC 61508) the same safety as 

   demanded to EN 60204-1.


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