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SIMATIC Automation Tool - the commissioning and service operation tool for SIMATIC modules

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Hereby it takes place the deployment of the SIMATIC Automation Tool as a Trial Download.

After a control program is created and verified with the Siemens TIA Portal software, the SIMATIC Automation Tool can be used in the field for operating and maintaining SIMATIC S7-1200, S7-1500, ET 200, HMI, SITOP, SCALANCE switches, RFID and MOBY Ident modules.

Automation Tool operations:

  • Scan an PROFINET/Ethernet network and identify all devices connected to the network
  • Flash device LEDs or HMI screens to physically locate a device
  • Create a table that maps the accessible devices on the network
  • Assign addresses (IP, subnet, gateway) and station name (PROFINET device)
  • Set the time in a CPU to the current time in your PG/PC
  • Download a program to a CPU (support failsafe programs needs at least V3.1) and HMI panels
  • Put a CPU in RUN or STOP mode
  • Perform a CPU Memory reset

  • Backup/Restore CPU or HMI data to/from a backup file (failsafe needs at least V3.1)
  • Upload service data from a CPU
  • Read the diagnostic log from a CPU
  • Reset a CPU to factory default settings
  • Update firmware in a CPU and attached modules
  • Upload, download, or delete Recipe data (stored at SMC) from a CPU
  • Upload or delete Data log data (stored at SMC) from a CPU
  • Document and save your network information
    • in a standard text .csv file or
    • an encrypted & password protected .sat file
  • API support to create custom .NET applications based on the functionality available in the SIMATIC Automation Tool

All named features can operate in parallel to various devices.

As a registered customer, you can download the trial version for SIMATIC Automation Tool and test it for 21 days.
It can ordered one of these software options to ensure the further support of complete feature set at Online Software Delivery Download after the test period expired: 

 ProductArticle number 

SIMATIC Automation Tool
Online Software Delivery (OSD) Download with Floating License

SIMATIC Automation Tool SDK
Online Software Delivery(OSD) Download


When updating the tool version, always update to the latest version available. The previous versions are only intended as backup to allow a downgrade to the original version. Until now this is not known to have been necessary in any case.


The software is subject to export restrictions; the download is only available to registered users. Please bear in mind that because of strong demand, the registration for export-restricted downloads can take several days. see also: 109744535 

 VersionSetup files Manual 

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Third-party software - Licensing terms and copyright

You can find the copyright information for third-party
software contained in this product, particularly open source
software, as well as applicable licensing terms of such
third-party software in the SAT.ReadMe.OSS.V3.1.SP3.en-US file.

Special information for resellers
The information and the license terms in the
SAT.ReadMe.OSS.V3.1.SP3.en-US file must be passed on to the purchasing party to avoid license infringements by the reseller or purchasing party.

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User guide Edition V3.1 SP3, 04/2019:


Product Information V3.1 SP3, 04/2019:


Installation Notes V3.1 SP3, 04/2019:



User guide Edition V3.1 SP2, 11/2018:


Product Information


Installation Notes




User guide Edition V3.1 SP1, 05/2018:

  simatic_automationtooluserguide_v3_1_sp1_en-US.pdf (5,6 MB)

Product Information


Installation Notes

simatic_automationtoolinstallationnotes_v3_1_sp1_ en-EN.pdf



User guide Edition V3.1, 10/2017:




User guide Edition V3.0, 06/2017:  AutomationToolUserGuide_V3_0_201706_en-US_en-US.pdf 

  SIMATICAutomationToolReleaseNotes_V3_0_201706_en-US.pdf (247,2 KB)



   AutomationToolUserGuide_V2_1_1_201610_en-US.pdf (2,3 MB) 


   AutomationToolReleaseNotes_V2_1_201607_en-US.pdf (256,8 KB) 

  AutomationToolUserGuide_V2_1_201607_en-US.pdf (2,3 MB)



   AutomationToolReleaseNotes_V2_201509_en.pdf (236,0 KB)

  AutomationToolUserGuide_V2_201509_en.pdf (2,1 MB)






 1) Information on SHA-256 109483101 

 Update V03.01.03

Update version V03.01.03 (V3.1 SP3) replaces version V03.01.01and includes the following new features:

  • Free 21-day trial license
  • Support for additional devices and versions as listed in the device catalog  
  • Export of device diagnostics
  • Export of PC data
  • Enhanced export of device information
  • Ability to back up and restore HMI recipes and HMI user administration data
  • Partial support for S7‑300 and S7‑400 devices, as identified in the Device Catalog
  • Ability to restore Device table column defaults
  • Troubleshooting help for Event Log messages

 Update V03.01.02

Update version V03.01.02 (V3.1 SP2) replaces version V03.01.01and includes the following new features:

  • Support for additional devices and versions as listed in the device catalog. Device families include:
    • Buerkert ET200P pneumatic modules (firmware update only)
    • ET200 eco PN F devices
    • HMI Comfort Pro Panels
    • S7-1500 Software Controllers
    • PN/PN coupler
    • SIMOCODE Pro devices
    • SIRIUS ACT 3SU1 PN devices
  • Updated appearance of the device table that is more similar to the TIA Portal
  • Ability to select a device in the device table and show all references to it
  • Faster method for copying and pasting into multiple device table cells in a column
  • Send a DCP Reset Communication Parameters to devices
  • Improved network scanning to retain previous data until the scan reads the new data
  • Support for Ethernet transfer channel for HMIs
  • Addition of Chinese Simplified language for the SIMATIC Automation Tool user interface and documentation

 Update V03.01.01

Update version V03.01.01 (V3.1 SP1) replaces version V03.01.00:

  • Ability to view the device catalog in Microsoft Excel format, launched from the Help menu
  • Support for additional device families as defined in the device catalog, including the
    • SCALANCE Industrial Ethernet Switches
    • CPU 1518-4 PN/DP MFP (Multi-Funktional Platform) and CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK (Open Development Kit)
    • SIMATIC PN/CAN LinkSupport for new firmware versions of devices, e.g. S7-1500 CPU Firmware V2.5
  • Ability to perform an HMI image update independently of a program update
  • Ability to collect service data that users can send to Siemens in the event of an unexpected
  • Automated install capability - Silent Mode Installation

 Update V03.01.00

Update version V03.01.00 replaces version V03.00.00:

  • Support for the following operations to Fail-Safe CPUs
    • Program update
    • Restore from backup
    • Reset to factory defaults
    • Format memory
  • Format SIMATIC Memory Card
  • Expanded API
  • Enhanced editing capabilities in the device table

 Update V03.00.00

Update version V03.00.00 replaces version V02.01.01:

  • support additional product families
    • S7-1500T
    • ET 200pro CPU - CPU 1516pro
    • Basic, Comfort, and Mobile HMI’s
    • SITOP power supplies
    • SIMATIC RFID and MOBY Ident modules
  • Supports recipes and data logs
  • Supports 64 bit Windows Operation systems, Windows 7 & Windows 10
  • Supports five languages (German, English, French, Spanish, Italian)
  • Requires a license for unlimited device support - without license key no API support and no mass operation+

Notice: It is recommended to install the SIMATIC Automation Tool V3.0 together with other SIMATIC Software on one PC only if you have the latest SIMATIC software installed for example TIA Portal V14 SP1.

     Update V02.01.01

    Update version V02.01.01 replaces version V02.01.00 and improves the behaviour:

    • support program download based on S7-1200 firmware version V4.2
    • support program download based on S7-1500 firmware version V2.0 
    • firmware update ET200ECO PN, 6ES7141-6BF00-0AB0  
    • 6GK7 542-1AX00-0XE0 CM 1542-1 update firmware correctly
    • program download with password - projects with changed firmware versions

     Update V02.01.00

    Update version V02.01.00 replaces version V02.00.00 and improves the behaviour:

    • by installation setup, if newer TIA Portal versions are installed at the same PC 
    • disabling Reset to Factory operation at S7-1500 based CPU's  

    Update V02.00.00  

    New Features:

    • Support S7-1500 Compact/FailSafe* CPUs incl. central modules and backup/restore
    • Support S7-1200 Failsafe* CPUs incl. central modules
    • Support ET200SP Standard/Failsafe* CPUs incl. central modules and backup/restore
    • Support firmware update of decentralized IO devices – PROFINET and PROFIBUS
    • Improve application & communication performance and usability
      • Skin the application to look like TIA Portal
      • Query the Siemens Support Site (SIOS) for all available FW versions
      • Column filter to more clearness by setting operstions to modules with same characteristic

    *) no support backup/restore, Reset-to-factory and program download for failsafe application


    Update V01.00.02  

    V1.0.2 corrects a setup issue  where newer versions of SIMATIC Device Drivers would cause the installation to fail.  This problem is now resolved in the setup.

    „Warranty & Liability“
    The SIMATIC Automation Tool (referred to as “TOOL”) is a free of charge service for our customers. Any warranty is excluded and we could also not warrant that the TOOL has the right contect, is free of defects, complete or usable. Any claims for damages and reimbursement and any liability, based on whatever legal reason, caused by using the TOOL, including examples, support notes, programs, configuration and performance data ect., shall be excluded. This

     shall not apply in the case of mandatory liability, e. g. under the German Product Liability Act ("Produkthaftungsgesetz"), in the case of intent, gross negligence, injury of life, body or health, acceptance of a guarantee concerning the quality of a product (“garantierte Beschaffenheit”) and fraudulently concealed defects.

    Transfer and reproduction of the TOOL or extracts of it are forbidden if not explicit allowed by the Siemens AG. Copyright© 2015 Siemens.

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