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SINAMICS S150, G130/G150, GM150/GL150/SL150/SM120, DCM, DCP: PROFIBUS GSD File

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Here you will find the GSD file for the PROFIBUS-DP for drive systems SINAMICS S150, G130/G150, GM150/GL150/SL150/SM120, DCM, DCP.
This file is required to operate the drive as a node on the PROFIBUS and announce the unit to the engineering tool.
By way of example, engineering tools are here the previous and current STEP7 versions or COM PROFIBUS.
The tools provide the relevant import functions.

Please always use the suitable GSD file for your Control Unit (order number)!

PROFIBUS GSD Files for SINAMICS S120 (also suitable for SINAMICS S150) you will find under the item id 49216293 

PROFINET GSD files you will find under the item id 98207877  


DesignationOrder numberFirmwareSuitable GSD file
G130/150V2.5G130_V2_5_SI218105.zip (13 KB)
V2.6G130_V2_6_SI228105.zip (14 KB)
V4.3SI248105.zip (14 KB)
V4.4si258105.zip (15 KB)
V4.5G150_V4_5_SI268105.zip (15 KB)
V4.6G130G150_V4_6_SI278105.zip (24 KB)
V4.7GSD_Profibus_G130.zip (24 KB)
V4.8  Registrierung notwendig  gsd_profibus_g130_g150.zip (30,1 KB) 
V5.1 Registrierung notwendig  G130G150_V5_1_SI308105.zip (30,6 KB) 
V5.2 Registrierung notwendig  G130G150_V5_2_SI318105.zip (30,6 KB) 
S150Vxxsee S120 49216293 
GM1506SL3040-xMA00-0xxxV2.5GM150_V2_5_SI02815C.zip (10 KB)
V2.6GM150_V2_6_SI03815C.zip (10 KB)
6SL3040-1MA00-0xxxV4.3si05815c.zip (10 KB)
V4.4si06815c.zip (10 KB)
V4.5  Registrierung notwendig  gm150_v4_5_si07715c.zip (10,9 KB)
GL1506SL3040-xMA00-0xxxV2.5GL150_V2_5_SI02815D.zip (9 KB)
V2.6GL150_V2_6_SI03815D.zip (9 KB)
6SL3040-1MA00-0xxxV4.3si05815d.zip (9 KB)
V4.4si06815d.zip (9 KB)
V4.5GL150_V4_5_SI07815D.zip (9 KB)
SL1506SL3040-xMA00-0xxxV2.6SL150_V2_6_SI01816F.zip (10 KB)
V4.3si02816f.zip (10 KB)
V4.4si03816f.zip (10 KB)
SM1206SL3040-xMA00-0xxxV4.4si02817d.zip (9 KB)
DCM6RA80xx-xxxxx-xxxxVxxsee 44029688 
DCP6RP0000-0AA25-0AA0Vxxsee 109474935 
MV converters6SL3040-1MA00-0xxxV4.6MV_V4_6_SI04817D.zip (19 KB)
V4.7GSD_Profibus_MV.zip (20 KB)
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