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Sample programs for CPU 31xC Technological Functions V1.0

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Software requirements: 
You need the following to be able to work with the sample programs:

  • Installation of STEP 7 Basis V5.1 +SP2 or higher.
  • Please refer to the STEP 7 product information for other software requirements.

Hardware requirements: 
For the installation you need about 20 Mbytes of free memory on your hard disk.

For installation act follows:

  • STEP 7 must be completely installed before you can install the files.
  • Unzip the archive in a (new) empty directory
  • Start STEP 7, select FILE, RETRIEVE, navigate to the directory you unzipped the archive and select one example:
    File Example Language
    Cnt_en.zip Counting, Frequency Measurement and Pulse Width Modulation english
    PID_en.zip Controlling english
    Pos_en.zip Positioning english
    PtP_en.zip Point-to-Point Connection english
    Cnt_de.zip Counting, Frequency Measurement and Pulse Width Modulation german
    PID_de.zip Controlling german
    Pos_de.zip Positioning german
    PtP_de.zip Point-to-Point Connection german
  • Select  ...\step7\examples as destination directory
  • Repeate the RETRIEVE with wanted examples
  • The further description of the examples you can find in the file "S731xC_TF_Examples_Manual.pdf"

Sample programs for CPU 31xC Technological Functions V1.0

 9837059_CPU31xC_technological_functions.zip ( 3161 KB )  

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