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How can SIMATIC NET software communicate correctly with the CP 5511 in Windows 2000/XP?

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Due to complications in the plug-and-play mechanisms of Windows 2000/XP it might happen that the CP 5511 cannot be correctly addressed by the SIMATIC NET software or by STEP 7 and NCM PC.
Furthermore, there might be unexpected resource conflicts for the operating system.

Using a tool (see download) you can explicitly define the resources of the CP 5511 to be used in order to avoid this weak point of the plug-and-play mechanism and thus get the CP 5511 to operate.
The CP 5511 communications processor needs its own interrupt and a free memory area in segment D of the computer. The card cannot share the resources with other hardware, as would be the case with PCI modules.

This tool is needed exclusively if you have hardware built into your computer whose drivers do not correctly inform the operating system which resources are occupied by this hardware and its drivers.
In such cases there might be double occupation of resources which then leads to the above-mentioned error scenario.

For more information please also refer to Entry ID 6721667

Tool instructions:

  1. Start the CP5511INF.exe program.
  2. Choose a free interrupt and memory range (D-Segment) for the CP 5511.
    Preferably, set the memory range to 32 KB and Interrupt 5, 7, 10 or 11.

Fig. 01

Which interrupt is free or available for the CP5511 can be viewed in: "Device Manager > View 'Ressources by type' > Interrups (IRQ)". Interrupts not listed here are available for the CP5511.

  1. Close the program with "OK" to save the desired settings. If you close the program with "Cancel" the changes to the original settings are not saved.
  2. Deinstall the CP 5511 via "Start > Settings > Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager". There under the "SIMATIC NET" entry is the subitem "CP5511". Mark and right-click "CP5511". Go to "Deinstall...".
  3. Reboot your computer. 
  4. Upon startup the operating system recognizes the card and installs the resources you have set.
  5. Please verify that the CP 5511 is now installed with all ressources that are available. To do so, go to "Start > Settings > System > Hardware> Device Manager" and expand the view for "CP5511" by clicking on the "+" left of the entry "SIMATIC NET". Please doubleclick on this entry and you can view the properties for the CP5511. In the register "Ressources", the entry "D0000-DFFFF" (D-Segment) has to be entered in "Memory" and the chosen interrupt.
  6. If the card still doesn't function, repeat steps 1 to 7 until you have assigned the CP 5511 a free resources area.

In the case of the approach described above, an error message may be output following a reboot:

Fig. 02

If this error message occurs, don't insert any CD. Simply click OK and then, in the case of a German operating system, select -> Durchsuchen –> Programme –> Siemens –> Common –> S7SDD. Then select the driver c5511w2k.sys.

The path in an English operating system is -> Search –> Program Files –> Common Files –> Siemens –> S7SDD -> and then select the driver c5511w2k.sys.

Copy the "CP5511INF.exe" file into a separate directory and then double-click the exe application.

  CP5511INF.zip ( 10 KB )  

This tool is only needed for the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional and Windows 2000 Server. If you attempt to run it under other operating systems it closes with an error message.

Crash, CP5511w2k.inf

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