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Firmware update for ET 200SP AQ 4xU/I ST

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Firmware update for ET 200SP AQ 4xU/I ST


When updating the firmware, always update to the latest version available for the product and its respective article number. The previous versions of the firmware are only intended as backup to allow a downgrade to the original version.
The respective latest version of a firmware is valid for all versions of that article number.
How to update the firmware is described in detail in entry ID 78646133.

If an I/O module is replaced or upgraded by means of a firmware update, the firmware of the interface module may also need to be updated.
The following table shows the interface module versions for which an update is necessary:

interface module
Article numberMinimum firmware versionRegards supply from
Siemens stock until ca.
IM155-6PN ST (PROFINET)6ES7155-6Ax00-0BN0V1.1.112/2013
IM155-6DP HF (PROFIBUS)6ES7155-6Bx00-0CN0V1.1.012/2013
IM155-6PN HF (PROFINET)6ES7155-6AU00-0CN0 V2.1.012/2013 

Therefore, we urgently recommend that you update the firmware of the interface modules listed above for IMs with a firmware version lower than the minimum firmware version.


Overview of article numbers and firmware versions of the ET 200SP AQ 4xU/I ST:

Article Number

FW version

Update with ...



For a description, see below Update V1.1.0

For STEP 7 as of Version 5.5

Classic_1356HD000BA1_V110.EXE ( 206 KB )

For STEP 7 TIA Portal

TIA_1356HD000BA1_V110.EXE ( 207 KB )


Backup only:
For a description, see below Update V1.0.1

For STEP 7 as of Version 5.5

Classic_1356HD000BA1_V101.EXE ( 180 KB )

For STEP 7 TIA Portal

TIA_1356HD000BA1_V101.EXE ( 180 KB )



Backup only:

1356HD000BA1_V100.EXE ( 181 KB )



 Update V1.1.0

The following new functions are supported with the new firmware version:

  • Support of Value Status (quality information)
  • Adaptation to the ET 200SP system characteristics, e.g. the response upon unparameterization and reset to initial state.
  • Support of update with signed firmware

 Update V1.0.1

Adaptation of the firmware to an innovated ASIC