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Wizard for creating connection data for open TCP/IP communication (Open Communication Wizard).

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All new SIMATIC S7-CPUs contain an integrated PROFINET interface which in addition to PROFINET also enables TCP/IP communication. The configuration of the TCP/IP communication via this integrated Ethernet interface is is made by using the blocks for open communication. For easy configuration of this open communication (TCP native, ISO on TCP, UDP) we offer you here the Open Communication Wizard (OC Wizard) as a free download.

For open TCP/IP communication via the PROFINET interface of the S7-CPUs, the communication blocks FB65 "TCON", FB66 "TDISCON", FB63 "TSEND" and FB64 "TRCV" are used. For the open communication the parameters for each connection have to be specified in a data block. Using the OC Wizard tool enables simple and clear specification of the connection parameters. Only the parameters necessary for the respective connection type have to be specified via the OC Wizard. The tool then exports a UDT or a DB with all parameters of the connection description into your STEP 7 project. Existing connections can be read, altered, copied and documented. The OC Wizard is automatically integrated into the menu of the SIMATIC Manager. Hence, the OC Wizard can be called directly from the SIMATIC Manager.

Start screen of the OC Wizard

Example project
Using the finished data block we then give a simple example of how the communication is realized in the S7-300 and S7-400 CPU from a program technology point of view using the above blocks. This example shows the configuration and programming of a communication relationship between a CPU319 and a CPU416 via the integrated Ethernet interface and the ISO-on-TCP protocol.

Hardware setup of the example project

From STEP 7 V5.5 SP1 onward the OC Wizard is also included on the STEP 7 DVD. Here you can download the most current version of the OC Wizard free of charge.


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Generating the Connection Data for the open TCP/IP Communication using the Open Communication Wizard.
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Tool "Open Communication Wizard" V2.3.3
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STEP 7 V5.5 SP 1 example project
Please change the communication blocks FB63 "TSEND", FB64 "TRCV", FB65 "TCON" and FB66 "TDISCON" used in this example project, with the current communication blocks from the library "Standard Library" for your own project. You will find the mentioned blocks in the SIMATIC Manager under  "File > Open > Open Project > Libraries > Standard Library > Communication Blocks".
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