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How do you configure and enable the trace of WinCC V6/V7 and WinCC Professional OPC Servers?

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WinCC V6/V7 and WinCC Professional, with their OPC servers for DA, HDA. A&E and UA provide the option of communication both with Siemens products and with products of third-party manufacturers.

In this context, if problems occur with the function or the configured OPC connection does not behave as expected, you can usually make a trace recording of the OPC communication between WinCC OPC Server and the OPC clients used.
The following instructions are for a recommended way of parameterizing the trace of the OPC servers.

Usually all the data of the trace output is required for diagnostics. You can increase the data acquisition period by changing the number and size of the files.
These instructions are for a recommended way of configuring the trace settings when a recording of the OPC communication is required.

Storage locations of the trace configuration and trace files
You enable and configure the OPC server traces depending on the version of WinCC V6/V7 or WinCC Professional you are using. In addition, with OPC you have to differentiate between classic servers and UA servers. We describe the different procedures in the following document.

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