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SINUMERIK Integrate Create MyHMI /WinCC V13: Configuring DB2 alarm texts

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With SINUMERIK Integrate Create MyHMI / WinCC V13, DB2 alarm texts can be imported from the SINUMERIK world and displayed. The requirements are described in the following.

How can the DB2 alarm texts be configured with SINUMERIK Integrate Create MyHMI /WinCC V13?

DB2 alarms are ALARM_S messages that belong to the PLC. You therefore need a PLC in your project. Since a SINUMERIK Toolbox has not been released yet for the TIA Portal, please use a SIMATIC PLC of the type 317F-2PN as an alternative. However, TIA STEP 7 V13 is required for this.

When you have the SIMATIC 317F-PN in the project, an integrated HMI connection between the PCU50.5 and the configured PLC must first be created in the project at “Devices & networks -> Network view”.

If you have already configured a PLC/NC connection within a PC station or the connections have been migrated from a WinCC flexible project, they must first be deleted! Please note the names of these existing connections to be deleted and use the same name for the new connection to be created. In this way, most of the variables are connected again. You can now create the SINUMERIK NC connection again and also assign it the previous name.

With the PLC connections, the integrated HMI connection can be recognized by the entries in Station/Partner/Node.
In order to display the DB2 alarm texts for the RT, they still have to be activated. This is performed in the properties of the respective alarm view through activation of the bottom alarm class “No Acknowledgement”.

DB2 alarms can only be activated as a whole, not separately according to those that require acknowledgement and those that do not require acknowledgement.

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