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Process Optimization and Energy Management with SIMATIC PCS 7 in the Fertilizer Industry (Video)

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This media system offers you comprehensive information, illustrative explanations and numerous general and technical videos on the topic of SIMATIC PCS 7 in the fertilizer industry.

Fertilizer production is a very energy-intensive process. An optimal plant operation and the efficient use of resources are decisive factors for economic success. This must be done while meeting the highest safety standards and quality requirements. Siemens products and in particular the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system help dealing with the requirements of safety, efficiency and quality:

  • With engineering/simulation tools such as COMOS and SIMIT and add-ons such as Advanced Process Control (APC) for process optimization
  • With a uniform and standardized operating concept (HMI+) and Advanced Process Graphics (APG) for easy process control and monitoring
  • With a safety-instrumented system that ranges from the sensor and the controller through engineering with SIMATIC Safety Matrix, right through to the actuator
  • With energy efficient solutions for energy management , for monitoring and control of energy consumption
  • With process analytics and gas chromatography for quality control

Media System
This media system gives you an opportunity to experience to topic within a short time and in a comfortable way. In each chapter you will find topic-related videos, links and further information.



  • The challenges of fertilizer production
  • Efficient engineering
  • Innovative operator control and monitoring
  • Plant and Process Safety
  • Energy management
  • Process Analytics
  • References and brochures
  • Sample project

Supply of the PCS 7 sample project
The project can be obtained free of charge from your regional  SIEMENS Sales Partner.

  SIMATIC PCS7 in the fertilizer industry (demo project) (3,8 MB)

Further Information
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Last changes
PCS 7 V8.1 sample project with description, new topics "Safe Operation" and "Process Safety and Instrumentation" in chapter "Plant and Process Safety"

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