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PROFIBUS GSD files for the motion control system SIMOTION.
Here you will find the PROFIBUS GSD files for the motion control system SIMOTION. A PROFIBUS GSD file is required to operate the SIMOTION via PROFIBUS and to allow the configuration tools to recognise the unit. Examples of configuration tools are previous and current STEP 7 versions.
Within the tools the corresponding import functions are provided.

DesignationFirmwareGSD file
SIMOTION CV4.4 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_c_v4_4.zip (14,9 KB) 
V4.3 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_c_v4_3.zip (14,8 KB) 
V4.2 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_c_v4_2.zip (14,9 KB) 
V4.1 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_c_v4_1.zip (15,3 KB) 
SIMOTION DV4.4 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_d_v4_4.zip (15,5 KB)
V4.3 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_d_v4_3.zip (15,3 KB) 
V4.2 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_d_v4_2.zip (15,3 KB) 
V4.1 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_d_V4_1.zip (15,5 KB) 
SIMOTION PV4.4 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_p_v4_4.zip (14,7 KB) 
V4.3 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_p_v4_3.zip (14,6 KB) 
V4.2 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_p_v4_2.zip (14,6 KB) 
V4.1 Registrierung notwendig  simotion_p_v4_1.zip (15,0 KB) 

PROFINET GSD (GSDML) files are not provided.
These are generated depending on the interface configuration in SIMOTION SCOUT.
They can be exported as file and used in other engineering systems.

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