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How can language settings be changed for Eastern European languages in SIMATIC WinCC?

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As from WinCC V6.2 a detailed description of how to create multilingual projects is available in the WinCC documentation in the section entitled:
"Working with WinCC > Creating multilingual projects".

Note also that the text distributor included from WinCC V7.0 is a very useful tool for handling multilingual projects.

The WinCC Premium Add-On "DCC TranslationEditor" is also a useful tool for translating and managing multilingual projects. More information can be found in Entry ID: 17544346.

Multilingual Windows operating system (MUI)
SIMATIC WinCC only supports the operating system languages German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.
You need a multilingual Windows operating system (MUI) to install other language options.

From Windows 2000 (Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP) onwards you make the change via "Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options > Advanced". This is where you make the change for programs that do not support Unicode. After changing the settings you must restart the computer to make the settings effective. In this way you can also have the Cyrillic characters shown with the Windows fonts available in WinCC.

More information is available in the WinCC Online Help under "Configuring with non-Latin fonts".

In order to use the selected language, you have to change the following settings:  

Set your choice of language in the TextLibrary via the menu command "Tools > Language font" in the appropriate column and click "OK" to confirm. If the language which you require is not available, you can add it via the menu command "Tools > Add language...".

Alarm Logging

  1. Select the Cyrillic character set for Runtime in Alarm Control.
  • Double-click "WinCC Alarm Control" in the Graphics Designer.
  • Go to the "Font" tab in order to select the requisite font there. The selected font only appears in Runtime after saving.
  1. Set the appropriate Cyrillic font via "Control Panel > Display > Representation > Graphic element > Font dialog box" or via "Control Panel > Display > Representation > Advanced > Element > Dialog box".

Tooltip texts
Set the appropriate Cyrillic font via "Control Panel > Display > Representation > Graphic element > Quick info font" or via "Control Panel > Display > Representation > Advanced > Element > Quick Info".

This setting not only affects WinCC, it also affects the entire Windows system (including applications). During conversion, the language-specific character sets "ä, ö and ü" may be lost if this font is incompatible with the language setting.

Graphics Designer
In Graphics Designer, the characters are displayed in the properties and configuration dialog during entry. After clicking "OK" to confirm, you can recognize the correct characters in the objects. You can adapt the font in the Properties dialog under the "Size" attribute on the "Font" tab.

Note for Windows NT
If you are still running WinCC with the operating system Windows NT, you need the software tool "KIRILLICA" to use Cyrillic characters. The software tool "KIRILLICA" can be successfully used for Russia and the Balkans. You can download a demo version at the website http://www.linkundlink.de. The full version is available to buy. When you start "KIRILLICA", you can choose the languages which you wish to install. "KIRILLICA" includes a keyboard layout for making entries on screen.

For further detailed information, such as settings for printing line by line, please refer to the Word document which is attached to this entry as a self-extracting file:

Download the description

Kirillica_in_Conjunction_with_WinCC.zip ( 56 KB )

Download the sample project

WinCC_Kirillica.zip ( 2639 KB )

Download the registry file for printing in lines
The file "LinePrinterCharset.exe" contains a *.reg file which automatically takes this action

LinePrinterCharset.zip ( 242 bytes )

Extract the file "LinePrinterCharset.exe" to a folder of your choice. Double-click the extracted *.reg file. The entry is thereby automatically made in the registry.

In general, no warranty can be given for direct changes in the Registry because this is entirely the responsibility of the user. In any event, you are advised to make a backup of the Registry before undertaking the actions described here. Furthermore, these settings are computer-specific.  This means that when you copy the project to another computer, you must make the settings there again.

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