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    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 100782807, Entry date: 11/24/2017

    LOGO!Soft Comfort Online Help

    Document: LOGO!Soft Comfort Online Help (11/2017, English)
    Type of topic: Fact

    What is new in LOGO!Soft Comfort V8.1?

    The features described below are only used for LOGO!Soft Comfort V8.1.

    New features

    LOGO!Soft Comfort V8.1 provides the following new features:

    • Support Modbus connection in both Network Project and Diagram Modes
    • New function blocks:
      • - Float/Integer Converter
      • - Integer/Float Converter
    • Support NTP (Network Time Protocol) configuration
    • Enhanced import function in Network Project mode
    • Programming improvement:
      • - New device type in project mode: ModBus compatible device, LOGO! 8.FS4 device and LOGO! 8.FS4 slave device
      • - New default color for reference line
      • - Ability to fill a new row in data table. By pressing Enter in the last row, LOGO!Soft adds a new row and fills it according to the value in the previous row.
    • Updated function blocks:
      • - Cursor Key: Set default simulation mode to Momentary pushbutton (make).
      • - TD Function Key: Set default simulation mode to Momentary pushbutton (make).
      • - Flag: Updates the background color for special flag.

        - M25 = LOGO! displays white backlight

        - M26 = LOGO! TD white backlight

        - M28 = LOGO! displays the amber backlight

        - M29 = LOGO! displays red backlight

        - M30 = LOGO! TD amber backlight

        - M31 = LOGO! TD red backlight

      • - Data log: New search box in property dialog.
      • - Message Text

        - New search box in property dialog

        - Extended length range of bar graph in Message text (Width: 20; Height: 6).

      • - Shift Register: New reset pin to reset the all shift bits and output for Shift Register.
    • Installation languages: After you installed LOGO!Soft Comfort V8.1, all built-in languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese) are installed by default. The display language is which you select during the installation.

    LOGO! Access tool

    Siemens provides a new tool, LOGO! Access Tool, to view and trace the variables in LOGO! Base module. You can also save the log files of the traced variables with this tool. LOGO! Access Tool uses the same password as Webserver. For more information on the password management, see Tools -> Transfer -> Access Control


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