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    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109091876, Entry date: 01/12/2015

    WinCC Advanced V13.0 SP1

    Document: WinCC Advanced V13.0 SP1 (12/2014, English)
    Type of topic: Action

    Changing the print settings

    Changing the print settings

    You can specify general print settings that are retained even after the TIA Portal is closed and re-opened. Some settings are dependent on the products installed. The following settings are possible in every case:

    Always print table data as pairs of values

    If this option is selected, tables are not printed in tabular format but rather as a pairs of key and value.


    Object name

    Property 1

    Property 2

    Object A

    Value A1

    Value A2

    Object B

    Value B1

    Value B2

    In this case, the printout has the following appearance:

    Object A

    Property 1: Value A1

    Property 2: Value A2

    Object B

    Property 1: Value B1

    Property 2: Value B2

    Printing mask editors

    • Always print data in tables

      All parameters of technology objects are printed in tabular format.

    • Print mask graphics if possible

      If the utilized editor supports this function, the contents of the editor are not printed as a table but rather as a complete graphic as it appears on the screen.


    To change the print settings, follow these steps:

    1. Select the "Settings" command in the "Options" menu.

      The "Settings" window is displayed in the work area.

    2. Select the "General" group.
    3. Select the desired default settings in the "Print settings" area.

      The changes are applied immediately and are retained for all projects, even after the TIA Portal is closed.

    See also

    internal link Overview of the print settings


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