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Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109736224, Entry date: 03/14/2016

WinCC V7.4: Configurations

Document: WinCC: Configurations (02/2016, English)
Type of topic: Action

How to define a project as a service project


Specify in the project properties whether the project is run as a standard project or a service project.

Procedure - defining a service project

  1. Click the project name in the navigation window of the WinCC Explorer and select the Properties command in the shortcut menu.

    The "Project Properties" dialog opens.

  2. Switch to the "Operating mode" tab.
  3. Enable the "Service" option.

    WinCC shows a message that the project needs to be reloaded in order to convert the project.

  4. Enter the user in the "User" field, under which the WinCC service project will run.

    For more information on the required properties of this user, refer to the section headed "Requirements for running a service project ".

  5. Enter the associated password in the "Password" field.
  6. Confirm the password in the "Password" field.
  7. Confirm your entries by clicking "OK".
  8. Reload the project.

Setting up Autostart

WinCC can activate the desired project when the computer starts.

Enter the project in the "AutoStart Configuration" tool.


Project start during service restart

If you have configured Autostart for a project, the project is also restarted when the "SIMATIC WinCC CCProjectMgr" service is restarted.

Reconfigure Autostart after changing the operating mode

After converting the service project to a standard project and vice versa, you must reconfigure Autostart.

Procedure - setting up autostart

  1. Open the Windows start menu and select "SIMATIC > WinCC" and then the "Autostart" command.

    The "AutoStart Configuration" dialog opens. The settings of the local computer are displayed.

  2. Enter the computer name, select the local computer or select a computer in the network path with .

    To display the current configuration of the selected computer, click "Read configuration".

  3. Select the required project by clicking the button beside the "Project" box.

    The project file and its full path are entered in the box.

    The project type is displayed under the path.

  4. Configure the settings for the autostart behavior.
  5. Activate the option "Autostart active".

    If the option is deactivated, autostart is not executed for the configured computer.

  6. Confirm your settings with "Apply" and close with "OK".

    The next time you boot the computer, WinCC starts automatically and the selected project is opened.

Converting a service project to a standard project

If you want to convert a service project to a standard project, check the "Standard" option on the "Operating mode" tab.

Converting a standard project to a service project

If you want to convert a standard project to a service project, check the "Service" option on the "Operating mode" tab.


Converting a standard project to a service project not generally possible

A service project is subject to the restrictions. Note these before you perform a conversion. You can find additional information under "Using a service project and restrictions".