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      • Important notes
      • Security information
      • Current information about operational safety
      • Information about third-party software
      • What is SIMOCODE pro?
      • Device series
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    • Glossary

    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109743957, Entry date: 11/21/2018

    System Manual - SIMOCODE pro

    Document: SIMOCODE pro (11/2018, English)
    Type of topic: Fact

    Current information about operational safety

    Important note for maintaining operational safety of your system


    Hazardous Voltage

    Can Cause Death, Serious Injury or Risk of Property Damage

    Please take note of our latest information!

    Systems with safety-related characteristics are subject to special operational safety requirements on the part of the operator. The supplier is also obliged to comply with special product monitoring measures. For this reason, we publish a special newsletter containing information on product developments and features that are (or could be) relevant to operation of safety-related systems. By subscribing to the appropriate newsletter in the Industry newsletter system, you will ensure that you are always up-to-date and able to make changes to your system, when necessary. Sign on to the following newsletter under "Products & Solutions":

    • Control Components and System Engineering News

    • Safety Integrated Newsletter.


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