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System Manual - SIMOCODE pro

Document: SIMOCODE pro (11/2018, English)
Type of topic: Fact

Modules, interfaces, configuration options

For each feeder, every system comprises a basic unit and a separate current measuring module. Both modules are connected to each other electronically via the system interface, by means of a connecting cable, and can be installed together as a unit (behind one another) or separately (side-by-side). An operator panel can also be connected optionally via the second system interface on the basic unit, and installed in the switchgear cabinet door. The current measuring module and the operator panel are connected to the basic unit via connecting cables, which also supply the power. More inputs, outputs and functions can be added to the SIMOCODE pro S, pro V PB, pro V MR, pro V EtherNet/IP and pro V PN /pro V PN GP basic units by means of optional expansion modules, thus supplementing the inputs and outputs already existing on the basic unit. All modules are connected by connecting cables. The connecting cables are available with different lengths (ribbon cable 0.025 m, 0.1 m, 0.15 m, 0.3 m, 0.5 m; round cable 0.5 m, 1.0 m, 2.5 m).


Maximum length of the connecting cable

The total length of all cables must not exceed 3 m on either of the system interfaces of the basic unit!


The maximum distance between modules

The maximum distance between the modules (e. g. between the basic unit and the current measuring module) must not exceed 2.5 m.

Additional control programs (star-delta starters, Dahlander starters, pole-changing starters, soft starters, each program also possible in combination with reversing starter, solenoid valve and positioner) are integrated in SIMOCODE pro V High Performance units. The SIMOCODE pro V device type is also particularly versatile. Its functionality can be expanded, if required, for example:

  • The number and type of binary inputs and outputs can be increased in stages and adapted.
  • A current/voltage measuring module can be used for additional voltage measurement and for monitoring power-related measured values (power management).
  • A temperature module enables the evaluation of several analog temperature sensors.
  • A ground-fault detection system can be integrated together with a summation current transformer.
  • An analog module extends the system by additional analog inputs and outputs, for example, for fill-level or flow-rate monitoring.
  • An operator panel with display (OPD) is available as an alternative to the standard operator panel (OP) (restriction in the case of the SIMOCODE pro V PB: from version *E03*).

A special current/voltage measuring module for dry-running protection of centrifugal pumps in hazardous areas can be used in combination with the SIMOCODE pro V PN device (from product version *E13* with PTB 18 ATEX 5003 X) for monitoring active power.

SIMOCODE pro C and SIMOCODE pro S are upwardly-compatible with SIMOCODE pro V. This means you can combine different series in your plant according to functional requirements.

Depending on functional requirements, the systems can be used simultaneously in a low-voltage switchboard without any problems and without any additional effort.

Parameterization of SIMOCODE pro C or SIMOCODE pro S can be transferred without a problem.


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