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    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109743957, Entry date: 07/02/2019

    System Manual - SIMOCODE pro

    Document: SIMOCODE pro (05/2019, English)
    Type of topic: Fact

    Important notes

    Purpose of this manual

    The SIMOCODE pro System Manual describes in detail the motor management system and its functions. It contains information about configuring, commissioning, service and maintenance.

    In addition to help on how to identify and rectify faults in the event of a malfunction, the manual also contains specific information for servicing and maintenance.

    Required basic knowledge

    To understand this manual you will require basic knowledge of low-voltage controls and distribution, digital circuit engineering and automation technology.

    Scope of the manual

    This manual is applicable to the listed SIMOCODE pro system components. It contains a description of the components applicable at the time of printing the manual. SIEMENS reserves the right to include updated information about launched new components or new versions of components in a Product Information.

    Manual Collection

    A Manual Collection, a collection of the following five SIMOCODE pro manuals, is available in Industry Online Support:

    • SIMOCODE pro - 1 Getting Started
    • SIMOCODE pro - 2 System Manual
    • SIMOCODE pro - 3 Parameterization
    • SIMOCODE pro - 4 Applications
    • SIMOCODE pro - 5 Communication.

    Device series

    When reference is made to "SIMOCODE pro", the reference also includes the following device series:

    SIMOCODE pro C (see Device series)

    SIMOCODE pro S (see Device series)

    SIMOCODE pro V PB (PROFIBUS) (see Device series)

    SIMOCODE pro V PN (PROFINET) (see Device series)

    SIMOCODE pro V PN GP (PROFINET) (see Device series)

    SIMOCODE pro V MR (Modbus RTU) (see Device series)

    SIMOCODE pro V EIP (EtherNet/IP) (see Device series)

    When reference is made to "SIMOCODE pro V", the reference also includes all pro V devices, independently of communication.

    SIMOCODE pro response tables

    Specific responses (deactivated, signaling, warning, tripping) can be parameterized for various SIMOCODE pro functions, such as overload. These are always displayed in tabular form:

    • "X" = Applicable
    • "—" = not applicable
    • Default values are marked "d" for "default" in parentheses.


    Function 1

    Function 2

    Function 3


    X (d)



    X (d)








    X (d)


    0 to 25.5 s (default: 0)

    Short description of the responses:

    • Tripping: The contactor controls QE* are tripped. A fault message is generated which is available as diagnostics via the communication bus. The fault message and the device-internal signal remain on until the appropriate length of time has elapsed or the cause of the fault has been eliminated and acknowledged.
    • Warning: In addition to the device-internal signal, a warning signal is generated that is available as diagnostics via the communication bus.
    • Signaling: Only a device-internal signal is generated, which can be further processed as required.
    • Deactivated: The appropriate function is switched off, no signals are generated.

    A delay time can also be set for specific responses.

    Operating instructions and other manuals

    More information

    You will find further information on the Internet:

    Disclaimer of liability

    The products described here have been developed to perform safety-related functions as part of a complete plant or machine. In general, a complete safety system consists of sensors, evaluation units, signaling devices and methods for safe tripping. The manufacturer is responsible for ensuring safe functioning of the complete plant or machine. Siemens AG, its subsidiaries, and associated companies (hereinafter referred to as "Siemens") are not in a position to guarantee every characteristic of a complete plant or machine not designed by Siemens.

    Siemens also denies all responsibility for any recommendations that are made or implied in the following description. No new guarantee, warranty, or liability claims above those standard to Siemens can be derived from the following description.

    Recycling and disposal

    For environmentally friendly recycling and disposal of your old device, please contact a company certified for the disposal of electronic waste and dispose of the device in accordance with the regulations in your country.


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