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    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109752844, Entry date: 12/18/2017

    SIMATIC S7-1500 CPU 1512C-1 PN

    Document: CPU 1512C-1 PN (6ES7512-1CK01-0AB0) (12/2017, English)
    Type of topic: Fact


    Purpose of the documentation

    This manual supplements the system manual of the S7-1500 automation system / ET 200MP distributed I/O system as well as the function manuals. This manual contains a description of the module-specific information. The system-related functions are described in the system manual. Cross-system functions are described in the function manuals.

    The information provided in this manual and the system manual enables you to commission the CPU 1512C‑1 PN.


    STEP 7: In this documentation, "STEP 7" is used as a synonym for all versions of the configuration and programming software "STEP 7 (TIA Portal)".

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