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    • Configuring the OS data in SIMATIC Manager
      • Compiling OS data
        • Compiling the OS
        • Type of data to be compiled
        • Properties of the compilation modes
        • How to set the compilation mode
        • How to compile an individual OS
        • How to compile multiple operator stations
        • How to compile and load multiple operator stations
    • Using the PCS 7 Maintenance Station

    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109754982, Entry date: 11/22/2017

    SIMATIC Process control system PCS 7 Operator Station (V9.0 SP1)

    Document: Operator Station (V9.0 SP1) (10/2017, English)
    Type of topic: Fact

    Type of data to be compiled

    Data required for the OS

    During compilation, the following information is made known to the OS:

    • Assignment of S7 programs to operator stations.
      Make this assignment in the wizard for compiling the OS.
    • Areas defined in SIMATIC Manager
      These OS areas are important for proper assignment of messages in process mode, for the picture hierarchy and for assignment of user rights.
    • Tags, messages and texts that arise or are configured when CFCs are created.
      These objects must be compiled in order for you to access them during OS configuration.
    • Archive tags that were identified as archive-relevant in the properties of block I/Os
    • Structure types created through the use of certain block types in CFC charts
    • SFCs that are visualized for process mode.
      This enables the plant operator to monitor the representation of the process in the form of SFCs in process mode.
    • Structure for storing process pictures in the plant hierarchy, which is mapped in the form of the Picture Tree in WinCC
    • Block icons created from the block types of a CFC chart
    • Network connection parameters from NetPro


    Since not all of the characters in the ES configuration data are permitted in a tag name in the OS, illegal characters (special characters) are replaced with "$".

    The following characters are converted:
    [ ' ] [ . ] [ % ] [ \ ] [ * ] [ ? ] [ : ] [ space char ]


    Support to the statistics
    With this function the IDs found are listed according to number (format .txt).

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