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    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109760740, Entry date: 09/20/2018

    WinCC V7.5: General information and installation

    Document: WinCC: General information and installation (09/2018, English)
    Type of topic: Action

    Release existing project for "SIMATIC HMI" user group


    You must first remove the existing release of the project directory if the user group "SIMATIC HMI" has to access an existing user group. Then the project is released again while opening WinCC Explorer.


    1. Open the workstation administration under Windows.
    2. In the navigation window, select the entry "Shared Folders > Shares". The data window displays all unlocked directories.
    3. Select the respective project directory and remove the enable through the "Cancel Share" pop-up menu.
    4. If you now open the project in WinCC, the project directory is automatically unlocked for the "SIMATIC HMI" user group, and all members of the user group are granted access to the project directory.


    The enable name of the directory unlocked by WinCC must not be modified.


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