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    • Restrictions
      • Overview
      • Restrictions with fail-safe CPUs
      • OPC UA server
      • Web server
      • Backing up and restoring the configuration of a PLCSIM Advanced instance
      • Restrictions for file paths
      • Restrictions for communications services
      • Restrictions for instructions
      • Restrictions with Motion Control
        • MCR and EMCR
        • Technology modules
        • OB 91 and OB 92
      • Restrictions to local communication via Softbus
      • Restrictions of security with VMware vSphere Hypervisor (ESXi)
      • Error with overflow of cyclical events and motion OBs
      • Deviating I/O values in the STEP 7 user program
      • Multiple simulations and possible collision of IP addresses
      • Lacking access to an IP address
      • Simulation in standby mode
      • Error installing the antivirus software from Kaspersky

    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109760835, Entry date: 12/12/2017

    SIMATIC S7-1500 S7-PLCSIM Advanced

    Document: S7-PLCSIM Advanced (12/2017, English)
    Type of topic: Fact

    Technology modules

    PLCSIM Advanced simulates the real CPU, but not configured, connected technology modules or other I/O devices.

    It is possible to download a project with technology modules for operation of motion control. However, the built-in logic of the technology modules is not part of the simulation, which is why the associated Motion Control instructions are not supported.

    Additional information

    For more information on Motion Control, refer to the following manuals:


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    With this function the IDs found are listed according to number (format .txt).

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