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      • Functions of the blocks
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          • Display and operator input area for process values and setpoints
          • Opening additional faceplates
          • Labeling of buttons and text
          • Displaying auxiliary values
          • Selecting a unit of measure

    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 109760968, Entry date: 08/24/2018

    SIMATIC Process Control System PCS 7 Advanced Process Library (V9.0 SP2)

    Document: Advanced Process Library (V9.0 SP2) (08/2018, English)
    Type of topic: Fact

    Opening additional faceplates

    Opening additional faceplates

    You can open standard views of other faceplates from various faceplate views. Here, you have the following options:

    • Two buttons that you can assign freely and that are used to call faceplates of other blocks.
    • Two predefined buttons for calling faceplates with a fixed assignment to the controller blocks.
    • Buttons predefined for interlock functions


    "Small" blocks

    With "Small" blocks, you can call up only one faceplate from the standard view.

    Freely assignable buttons

    From the standard view and from the preview, you can use a button to open the standard view of a block that can be selected freely. In order to use this function, in the CFC you need to interconnect the SelFp1 input parameter for the button in the standard view or SelFp2 for the button in the preview to any given output parameter of the block whose faceplate is to be opened. This makes the buttons in the faceplates visible.


    You can only configure the button in the standard view (SelFp1) with interlock blocks. There are no buttons with the GainSched block.

    Button label

    You can change the button labels in the "OS additional text" attribute to "SelFp1"/"SelFp2".


    There is also an alternative solution for labeling the buttons:

    • Open the process picture in WinCC GraphicsDesigner.

    • Open the object properties of the block icon.

    • Under Configurations, assign the desired text to the attribute UserButtonText1 or UserButtonText2.

    The main difference between this solution and the first solution is that the labels are only specified when the faceplate above the block icon is opened. This solution is therefore outdated.

    Predefined buttons for controller blocks

    You can open the standard view for the following blocks from a controller standard view or parameter view (for example PIDConL):

    • ConPerMon (can be called from the standard view)
      • - To do this, you need to interconnect the output parameter CPI of the ConPerMon block to the input parameter CPI_In of the controller block.
    • GainSched (can be called from the parameter view)
      • - To do this, you need to interconnect the output parameter Link2Gain of the GainSched block to the input parameter Gain of the controller block.

    The labels of the buttons cannot be changed here.

    Predefined buttons for interlocks

    You can open the following interlock blocks from the standard view of the technology blocks:

    • Activation enable
    • Interlock without reset (interlock)
    • Interlock with reset (protection)

    The buttons intended for this are visible when the relevant input parameter (Permit, Intlock or Protect) is interconnected to an interlock block.

    You can open the standard view for the following faceplates from the standard view of the interlock blocks:

    • The blocks interconnected to the input values.
    • The block interconnected to the output value.

    The buttons intended for this are visible when the input parameters (for example In01) or the Out output parameter of the interlock block is interconnected to a block that has a faceplate.


    Interconnection of the Out output parameter to multiple blocks is not permitted. The reason for this is that a direct relationship must be established between the button in the faceplate and the faceplate to be opened by it.


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