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    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 43705259, Entry date: 01/13/2012

    PCS 7 Libraries APL Style Guide

    Document: PCS 7 Libraries APL Style Guide (07/2010, English)
    Type of topic: Fact



    The "Advanced Process Library" (APL) is the standard library of PCS 7 for implementing automation and process control solutions. The APL contains function blocks and the associated faceplates. The faceplates have a uniform design with regard to the operating and monitoring user interface.

    The APL Style Guide provides the information, design specifications and rules that you require to adapt project-specific blocks in conformance with APL. You will receive support in these required adaptations by examples of actions.

    After all this work has been completed, the adapted project-specific blocks will behave like APL blocks.

    Target group

    The "APL Style Guide" is intended for persons who use standard APL blocks and who want to additionally adapt project-specific blocks to the specifications of the APL.


    The APL Style Guide is not intended to help you in creating completely new technological libraries.

    Limitations and requirements

    The APL Style Guide supplements the documentation for creating and programming blocks. The APL Style Guide contains solely information about APL-specific properties and functionalities.
    The following competent knowledge of PCS 7 is required to work with the APL Style Guide:

    • Creating blocks and faceplates
    • Working with the screen window technology
    • Dynamizing object properties
    • Programming blocks in SCL


    The APL Style Guide is valid as of the following version of PCS 7: PCS 7 V7.1 SP2.

    • Project-specific faceplates created on the basis of the APL library of PCS 7 V7.1 SP1 retain their validity.
    • The APL Style Guide is based on the use of the template picture "@ PCS7ElementsAPL.pdl" and the objects it contains. This file is available as of PCS 7 V7.1 SP2.


    The APL Style Guide supplements the Programming Manual SIMATIC; PCS 7 Process Control System; Programming Instructions for Blocks.

    The APL Style Guide has the following structure and contents:

    • Introduction

      Contains information about the purpose of the Style Guide, the target group and the requirements.

    • Basics

      Contains additional information about the use of the Style Guide as well as practice-oriented applications with implementation strategies.

    • Specifications for block icons

      Contains rules for structuring and configuring project-specific block icons.

    • Specifications for faceplates

      Contains rules for structuring and configuring project-specific faceplates.

    • Design specifications of the APL

      Contains general specifications for designing block icons and faceplates in conformance with APL.

    • Creating project-specific block icons and faceplates
      Contains the required actions for adapting the project-specific blocks:


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