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Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 64897128, Entry date: 10/24/2019

SIMATIC / SINAMICS S7-1500, S7-1200 / SINAMICS Using the trace and logic analyzer function


Curve diagram

Displays the selected signals of a recording.

Global trigger

If a project trace is triggered by a participating device to start recording synchronously in all participating devices.

Installed trace

Consists of a trace configuration and optionally a recording.


Consists of a trace configuration with an associated recording.

Overlay measurement

Permits a comparison and analysis of signals from different measurements.


Defines the interval in which the signals are already recorded before the actual trigger condition is fulfilled.

Project trace

Contains all the information to record signals from multiple devices with a global trigger.


Is performed in the device. There is only one recording for each installed trace configuration.

Recording condition

Sampling and trigger for a trace configuration.

Recording duration

Factor in number of samples. The factor of 100 means, for example, that 100 samples are recorded.


Factor in number of cycles. A factor of 2 means, for example, that a recording is made every second cycle.


Setting, in which cycle, how fast and how long the recording is to be made.

Signal table

Lists the signals of the selected measurement and provides setting options for some properties.


Contains the settings for the view for a measurement.

Trace configuration

Contains all the information required to record signals in a device.


Specifies the trigger mode and the condition for the "Trigger on tag" mode.

Trigger mode

Specifies whether the recording should be started immediately or based on a trigger tag.

Trigger tag

Signal to trigger the recording.

Trigger time

The meaning of the measurement trigger time depends on the device.

e.g. SIMATIC S7-1200/1500 CPUs: Specifies the absolute time of the control system at the start of recording.

  Using the trace and logic analyzer function - 12/2019