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    Entry type: Manual, Entry ID: 8776697, Entry date: 04/10/2018


    Document: SIMATIC TDC hardware (03/2018, English)
    Type of topic: Fact


    Purpose of this manual

    This manual describes the principles of using the functions of the hardware components, while setting the focus on the corresponding Technology and Drive Control components SIMATIC TDC.

    Basic knowledge required

    This manual is intended for commissioning personnel. Comprehension of this manual requires general knowledge of automation engineering.

    Scope of the manual

    This manual is valid for SIMATIC D7-SYS as of version 8.2.

    Position in the information landscape

    This manual is part of the documentation package for the Technology and Drive Control components FM 458, SIMATIC TDC and SIMATIC D7-SYS.



    System and Communication Configuration D7-SYS

    Just a few steps away from the first project

    This section provides an extremely simple introduction into the methodology of the structure and programming of the SIMATIC TDC control system. It is interesting especially for first-time users.

    System software

    This section communicates basic knowledge of the structure of a CPU's operating system and application programs. It should be used under the aspect of obtaining an overview of programming methodology and using this information as a basis for designing user programs.

    Configuring communication

    This section communicates basic knowledge of the communication possibilities and how to configure links to communication partners.

    D7-SYS - STEP 7, configuring CFCs and SFCs

    Basic software

    This section explains the principles of use and functions of the STEP 7 automation software. Beginners obtain an overview of the procedures to follow when configuring, programming, and commissioning a station.

    While working with the basic software, you can directly rely on the Online Help system that offers support when it comes to detailed questions on using the software.


    The CFC language (Continuous Function Chart) offers you the possibility of designing graphic interconnections for blocks.

    While working with the particular software, you can always consult the Online Help to get answers to detailed questions regarding the use of the editors/compiler.


    Configuring sequential controls using SIMATIC S7 SFCs (Sequential Function Chart).

    You create the sequential chart in the SFC Editor based on various graphic resources and position the SFC elements of the chart according to defined rules.


    These manuals form a reference for the entire hardware spectrum.

    D7-SYS Selecting function blocks

    The Reference Manual provides you with an overview of all of the function blocks for the corresponding Technology and Drive Control components SIMATIC TDC, FM 458-1 DP as well as the T400 and SIMADYN D systems which are being phased out.

    Section 1

    This section describes the function blocks that can be configured in all target systems of SIMATIC D7-SYS.

    Section 2

    This section describes the function blocks that can be configured only for SIMATIC TDC.

    Section 3

    This section describes the function blocks that can be configured only for the FM 458-1 DP application module.

    Section 4

    This section describes the function blocks that can be configured only for SIMADYN D and T400.


    As first-time user, you should use the manual as follows:

    • Read the initial sections before using the software so that you become familiar with the terminology and procedural principles.
    • You can then go ahead and use the respective sections of the manual, for example, if you intend to run a specific task (e.g. loading programs).

    If you have already gained some experience while running a small project, you can read individual sections of the manual in order to obtain information on specific topics.

    Special notes

    The objective of the user part of this manual is to provide information on basic procedures, but does not contain any detailed instructions with individual step sequences. For more information on the software dialogs and their handling, refer to the Online Help.

    Recycling and disposal

    The products can be recycled due to their low-pollutant content. Contact a certified electronic-waste disposal company to recycle and dispose of your old equipment in an environment-friendly manner.

    Additional support

    • You can find information on the technical support offer in the appendix to this documentation.
    • You can find the offer for technical documentation for the individual SIMATIC products and systems on the Internet.
    • You can find the online catalog and online ordering system on the Internet.


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