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Overcurrent release VL250 4pole, line protection; short-circuit N not protected
Overcurrent release VL 250 4-pole, line protection ETU22, Lsig. IR=80-200A, overload ISD=1,5 to 10x IR, II=11x IN short-circuit N not protected

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Product note ZSI User Guide for 3WL and 3VL

ZSI - Zone Selective Interlocking Purpose of a ZSI system is the selective disconnection of circuit breakers in the event of a short circuit, with minimum duration of the short circuit and regardless of the level in which the short circuit takes place. ...

ID: 43385142
Product note Announcement Phase out: SENTRON 3VL ETU

The 3VL ETUs with the order numbers 3VL.7..-.A* (3-pole) and 3VL.7..-.B* (4-pole) will be classified as discontinuation products as per 12/15/2008. ...

ID: 33458247
FAQ Setting range tsd for ETU20 for 3VL circuit breakers

QUESTION: Setting range tsd for ETU20 for 3VL circuit breakers: What is the difference between the ON and OFF range?...

ID: 24757957
FAQ Outsmarting the door-coupling rotary mechanism of 8UC or 3VL

QUESTION: A cubicle door is equipped with a door coupling rotary mechanism from the 8UC or 3VL product lines. ...

ID: 22660133
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