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SIMATIC HMI KTP1000 Basic Color PN
SIMATIC HMI KTP1000 Basic Color PN, Basic Panel, Key/touch operation, 10" TFT display, 256 colors, PROFINET interface, configurable as of WinCC flexible 2008 SP2 Compact/ WinCC Basic V10.5/ STEP 7 Basic V10.5, contains open-source software, which is provided free of charge see enclosed CD

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Download Image downloads for HMI operator panels

Download HMI operator panel images.

ID: 109746530
Application example The TIA Portal Tutorial Center (videos)

The TIA Portal Tutorial Center is a media system with various videos which gives you an overview of the general functions and tools of the TIA Portal.

ID: 106656707
Download SIMARIS therm 2.5

Power loss calculation for the right design of system cabinets

ID: 109482729
Catalog/Brochure Catalog - ST 80/ST PC: Human Machine Interface Systems/PC-based Automation

2020, Catalog

ID: 109744146
FAQ Compatibility Tool for Automation and Drive Technology

The Compatibility Tool is a function provided by the Industry Online Support with which you can select compatible software products or check the compatibility of existing configurations.

ID: 64847781
FAQ Why does loading HMI images with TIA Portal V16 fail with the error message "Components with a different version are installed on the target device. An older incompatible firmware image exists on the target device."?

Since TIA Portal V16, firmware images for HMI operator panels are delivered separately from the TIA Basic installation.

ID: 109781234
FAQ When upgrading your TIA Portal project to V15 or higher, why do you get this error message: "The device [XY] is not supported in this version."?

Starting with TIA Portal V15, older HMI operator panels are no longer supported.

ID: 109754931
Application example Toolbox for HMI Projects

It is often the small tools that make work easier. This entry contains some useful tools that you can easily integrate into your HMI configuration via libraries. For example, a stopwatch, a file explorer or also a calculator, .... The toolbox for HMI projects currently offers 29 tools already and is continuously expanded.

ID: 106226404
FAQ How resistant to chemicals are the SIMATIC HMI operator panels and Industrial PCs?

Information about the chemical resistance of the fronts/surfaces of our SIMATIC HMI operator panels.

ID: 39718396
Product note SITRAIN course: SIMATIC WinCC (TIA Portal) on the machine level for Comfort Panels and WinCC Runtime Advanced - now also available as Online Training

Basic course for SIMATIC WinCC Basic/Comfort/Advanced; Product training; Type: Classroom training course; Duration: approx. 3 days (depending on region), different regions/locations

ID: 109758624
FAQ How do you determine the release status of a SIMATIC device or module?

The release status (also known as product status or functional status) describes the current hardware status of a product compared to the status at the time of market launch. It is used for "versioning" the hardware and is an important indicator of technical changes that have occurred over the product life cycle. This FAQ response shows you where to find this information on the device.

ID: 45047113
Application example Export Graphics Tool: Exporting graphics from WinCC (TIA Portal) to a local directory

With this tool you can export graphics from the "Graphics Collection" of a WinCC (TIA Portal) configuration and then edit them with an image processing program.

ID: 109562021
Certificate General Product Approval, China-RoHS, Manufacturer

Statement to China-RoHS directive for SIMATIC ( Panel, ITC, IPC, PG, ET200x, S7-xx, LOGO!, Cables, Network Compontents... ) China-RoHS SIMATIC all V1.6

ID: 109738555
Download Servicetool SIMATIC ProSave

DESCRIPTION: To use SIMATIC ProSave without the installation of the engineering systems e.g. for service purposes, SIMATIC ProSave can be downloaded for free. In addition, SIMATIC ProSave can also be installed via the product DVD of WinCC flexible or WinCC (TIA Portal). ...

ID: 10347815
Certificate Marine / Shipping, CCS / China Classification Society

CCS, China Classification Society for Operator Panels for Programmable Logic Controller CCS HB20PTB00004_09

ID: 42718034
FAQ Where can you find the current declarations of conformity for SIMATIC HMI operator panels (like CE, UL, cUL, EAC, for example)?

Overview of the declarations of conformity for HMI operator panels.

ID: 44356256
Application example User Login to Operator Panels with RFID Card Reader

Use of an RFID card reader for access control at an IPC.

ID: 99808171
Certificate Marine / Shipping, RMRS / Russian Maritime Register, RMRS (Russian Maritime Register)

Russian Maritime Register Of Shipping Type Approval Certificate for SIMATIC HMI OP, TP, MP, KP, KTP Basic, KP/KTP Comfort, KP/TP Comfort, KTP Basic, KTP Mobile, Connection Box (Russian/English) 19.40067.250

ID: 109773684
Certificate Marine / Shipping, NK / Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, NK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai)

ClassNK Shipping Certificate of Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, SIMATIC HMI / Panel Systems (English) 03A034 TA19589M

ID: 18335190
FAQ What are the functional differences between the different SIMATIC panels?

This FAQ response shows you different ways of obtaining a comparison of the technical data of the SIMATIC HMI operator panels.

ID: 40227286
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