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LOGO! 230R, Logikmodul, 10 Stk.
LOGO! 230R, Logikmodul, 10 Stk.

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Certificate Marine / Shipping, LR (Lloyds Register), LR (Lloyds Register)

Lloyds Register of Shipping Approval of the LOGO! logic module (English) Certificate 98/20059 (E9)

ID: 17043067
FAQ Information about product-related environmental protection

Validity: Products of the divisions DF (Digital Factory) and PD (Process Industries and Drives) of Siemens AG.

ID: 39200038
Manual LOGO! App V.10

04/2016, Operating Manual, A5E38071463-AA

ID: 109486018
FAQ Compatibility overview of LOGO! Basic and LOGO! Expansion modules.

The different product series of the LOGO! can be expanded separately. Here you must make sure that the LOGO! modules and the expansion modules are compatible with each other. Detailed information about this is available in this entry.

ID: 24931144
Certificate General Product Approval, KC

KCC, Konformitätserklärung Korea, SIMATIC LOGO! (English, Korean) KCC-REM-S49-LOGO

ID: 84629967
FAQ Which LOGO! memory/battery cards can be used with which LOGO! device series?

Compatibility notes for the device series LOGO! 0BA7 The LOGO! 0BA7 device series does not support the cards (program modules) listed below. With the LOGO! 0BA7 the programs are stored using standard SD cards. Detailed information about this is also available in the LOGO! manual (Entry ID: 50074616) in the section entitled ...

ID: 17907754
FAQ What do the individual identifiers for the LOGO! modules mean?

Description The identifier indicates which LOGO! is required or is in operation. ...

ID: 18298033
FAQ Which addresses have to be assigned for the LOGO! module on the ASI bus?

Instructions You need a LOGO! basis module (MLFB: 6ED1052..) + the CM AS-i expansion module. ...

ID: 6932251
FAQ Which LOGO! extensions or versions thereof go with which device series of the LOGO! basic devices?

  Configuration Notes All the currently available expansion modules (DM, AM, CM) are completely compatible with the basic devices as from device series ..-0BA3, as long as they are combined within the same voltage class. ...

ID: 22724000
FAQ With LOGO! Soft Comfort V6.0, how can you communicate in a Macintosh operating system with LOGO! basic modules by means of the LOGO! USB PC cable?

Instructions If you are using the Apple Macintosh operating system Mac-OSX and LOGO! Soft Comfort V6.0 cannot communicate with your LOGO! basic module by means of the LOGO! USB PC cable, then check whether the /var/lock folder is in your file system. If not, create this folder and make sure that you have complete access rights for it. If, beforehand, you have used a previous version of the RXRXComm package, then you might have to delete any remaining lock files in the previous fol ...

ID: 33308486
FAQ What is the maximum number of inputs and outputs that can be addressed on the LOGO!?

  Configuration Notes With the LOGO! device series up to and including -0AB2 it is not possible to make an extension and the number of inputs and outputs is limited to the specifications of the basic device. ...

ID: 23670550
FAQ Why does the LOGO! detect a 1-signal at the input in a switch with a glow lamp or in a proximity switch, even if the contact is broken?

Description The diagram below illustrates how a switch with a glow lamp is connected to a LOGO!. As a result of the current flowing through the glow lamp, the LOGO! detects a 1-signal even though the switch contact is not made. ...

ID: 14433087
FAQ How does the clock of LOGO! behave after more than 80 hours without power supply?

Description The internal clock behaves as follows depending on the device series. Device series 0BA0 ...

ID: 1618128
FAQ How do you set up a teleservice connection to LOGO! with an analog modem via the telephone network?

Validity As from the LOGO! 0BA6 device series, an analog modem connection is supported between a PC and the LOGO! basic version 0BA6. ...

ID: 37408429
FAQ How does the analog output of the expansion module AM2 AQ behave depending of the internal value?

Description: In combination with the expansion module AM2 AQ, since the device series 0BA4 LOGO! provides 2 analog outputs. ...

ID: 34969709
FAQ How long are the cycle times for the separate functions for the modular LOGO! device series 0BA3 to 0BA5?

Instructions: The cycle time is the pure program processing time (reading inputs, executing the program and writing outputs). ...

ID: 17566688
FAQ What devices do you require to operate LOGO! modules on the AS-interface bus, and in which form is data exchange possible?

Instructions You need a LOGO! basis module (MLFB: 6ED1052..) + the CM AS-interface module. ...

ID: 7047284
FAQ Using LOGO! Soft Comfort in Mac OS 10.3 and Java 10.4.2

Instructions: When you start LOGO! Soft Comfort, the windows opens only briefly. It closes again after a few seconds. ...

ID: 25447635
FAQ How do you switch over to summer or winter time in LOGO!Soft Comfort?

Instructions: Due to the change of law in the USA, the local switch to/from summer time will change in the USA. The new parameters for switchover are not in LOGO!. You must enter the switchover times manually every year. The new switchover times for the USA are as follows: ...

ID: 25414565
FAQ Can the LOGO! switching program be lost following a power failure?

  Description: Once the programming function has ended, a switching program is saved on an EEPROM in LOGO! and is power failure-proof. ...

ID: 24004837
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