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IM306 Interface Mod. f. Distr. Conn.
***Spare part*** SIMATIC S5, Connection IM 306 for S5-115U for central connection from extension devices to central or expanded device

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Product note End of the SIMATIC S5 product life cycle

For the SIMATIC S5 system, the product life cycle ends on 30 September 2020. As of 1 October 2020, spare parts will not be available and repairs will not be possible. Until 30 September 2020, spare parts can be obtained subject to availability and possibly only in exchange.

ID: 109776026
FAQ Which backup batteries can you use in a SIMATIC S5?

Backup batteries for SIMATIC S5

ID: 7379933
FAQ Which fan replacement packages can you use for the different power supplies?

Description Below are the different fan replacement packages assigned to power supply, central rack, extension rack and the fan plug-in for the extension rack 184. ...

ID: 1333031
FAQ How do you convert the values of the modules if you change from S5 to S7 analog modules?

Instructions If you have replaced the S5 analog modules with S7 analog modules, you can no longer use any standard blocks, except for the R64 block, because they can only be interconnected directly with the inputs and outputs of the analog modules. However, since the modules have different resolutions, the standard blocks would run the risk of providing false results. However, if you have not used any standard interface in the S5 program, you can s ...

ID: 17603092
FAQ Why does the online mode not work with the S5-PC converter TTY - RS 232?

Description: The converter requires a power supply of +5 V on PIN 14, which is supplied by the controller interface. ...

ID: 13063839
FAQ Signature error when EPROM blowing for AG 115 F (safety mode)

QUESTION: How can you avoid a signature error when EPROM blowing? ANSWER:...

ID: 212250
FAQ Using the IP242B in S7-400 with high-speed CPUs

QUESTION: What should you watch out for when using the IP242B in S7-400 with high-speed CPUs? ...

ID: 21931689
FAQ S5: replacement of an IP244-3AA21 with an IP244-3AB31

QUESTION:   What should you watch out for when replacing an IP244-3AA21 with an IP244-3AB31? ...

ID: 20059258
FAQ S5-115U/135U/155U: S5 Standard Function Blocks of S7-300 Analog Blocks in ET 200M

QUESTION:   Which standard function blocks of S5 are available for S7-300 analog block in the ET 200M? ...

ID: 19355387
FAQ Start-up Behaviour of S5-115U - QVZ or PEU with Distributed Interfacing

QUESTION: Why does the CPU possibly not start properly after an automatic restart, but turns to STOP with error message 'QVZ' or 'PEU'? In USTACK further useful information frequently do not appear. ...

ID: 142311
FAQ S5-135U/155U: Multiprocessor Mode with IM308C

QUESTION:   What to observe when using IM308C in multiprocessor operation with the CPUs of the S5-135U/155U? Where do I find the respective information? ...

ID: 19326767
FAQ Determining the diagnostics data of a slave connected to the IM308C

QUESTION: How can you determine the diagnostics data of a slave connected to interface module IM308C? ...

ID: 217509
FAQ Access to Data Words above Address 255 of CPU 945 without TNW / TNB Command

QUESTION: How can I access data words within a CPU 945 which are beyond address 255? ...

ID: 1291621
FAQ Manual for S5-CP525 / CP524 / COM525

QUESTION: What is the order number for the manual for CP525 / CP524 / COM525 and in what form is the manual available? ...

ID: 12806839
FAQ Usage of Diagnostics Repeaters and STEP 5

QUESTION:   How can I use the diagnostics functions of the diagnostics repeaters with STEP 5? ...

ID: 18650944
FAQ Analog Block 466 in Area P and Q, and Extended Peripheral Area IM3, IM4

QUESTION: In which peripheral areas can I operate the analog block 466? ANSWER:...

ID: 15250219
FAQ Use of IM 308C in Programmable Controller S5-155H/CPU 948R

QUESTION: How can the IM 308C be used in the Programmable Controller 155H/CPU 948R? ...

ID: 90619
FAQ STEP 5 V7.1 on PGs with COM Packages

QUESTION: Why does the error message 'insufficient memory' appear when starting COM packages on PG with STEP 5 V7.1? ...

ID: 1004543
FAQ Startup behavior of S5-135U/155U - QVZ or PEU with distributed interfacing

QUESTION: Which factors can influence the startup behavior of the S5-135U/155U CPUs? ...

ID: 142389
FAQ After Deletion, EPROM-"blowing" is impossible

QUESTION: Why is it impossible to 'blow' an EPROM (6ES5 375-0LA71) , even though the designated deletion time was met, and operating mode or programming number are correct? ...

ID: 18521030
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