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SM323, 8DI/8DO, DC24V, 0,5A
SIMATIC S7-300, Digital module SM 323, isolated, 8DI and 8DO, 24 V DC, 0.5 A Total current 2A, 1x 20-pole

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FAQ Information about product-related environmental protection

Validity: Products of the divisions DF (Digital Factory) and PD (Process Industries and Drives) of Siemens AG.

ID: 39200038
FAQ How many ET 200M bus modules can you mount on a deep ET 200M mounting channel?

The number of ET 200M bus modules you can mount on an ET 200M mounting channel depends on the following:

ID: 109483722
FAQ How do you operate an ET 200M IM 153-2BAx1/-2BAx2 on a redundant ABB system, the AC800M?

The ABB system does not fully support the standard redundancy in accordance with "Specification Slave Redundancy V1.2, Nov. 2004 by the PROFIBUS User Organization; Order No: 2.212".

ID: 24220825
FAQ SINAMICS S120, CU310-2 PN, CU320-2 PN: Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation

Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation. The MAINT LED of the CPU lights up yellow.

ID: 109478287
FAQ How many modules can you slot on an S7-300 mounting rail?

Description This entry shows how many modules you can slot on an S7-300 mounting rail. The number of modules depends on: The length of the mounting rail. The dimensions of the holes required to fasten the mounting rail. The width of the modules slotted on the mounting rail. The CPU which is inserted on the mounting rail. ...

ID: 77981764
FAQ Implementation of SIMATIC modules of the product families S7-300, S7-400, ET 200M, ET 200S ET, 200iSP and TDC in environments with high concentrations of corrosive gas

SIMATIC modules of the product families S7-300 S7-400 ET 200M ET 200S ET 200iSP TDC are also approved for implementation in environments with high concentrations of corrosive gas in compliance with ISA–S71.04 severity level G1; G2; G3. ...

ID: 28569857
FAQ What is a hardware interrupt and how do they work in the S7-300 system?

Instructions: Events can occur in the current process which require responses which are quicker than are possible in the current program cycle. Events also occur which do not last long enough to be identified in the current program cycle. Therefore, there is hardware interrupt processing in SIMATIC S7-300 controllers. ...

ID: 23657941
FAQ Why are sporadically not all the modules parameterized when starting up a software redundancy configuration with 2 IM 6ES7153-2BA..-....?

Description When implementing a software redundancy configuration with two IM 6ES7153-2BA..-.... (hereinafter call IM), it might happen that when both IMs are switched on at the same time not all the modules (SM3xx, FM3xx, CP3xx, etc., hereinafter called IO) are not parameterized when the IMs are started up. ...

ID: 46802313
FAQ Which front connector do you need for S7-300 analog/digital modules and for S7-300 compact CPUs?

Description Attachment 1 here gives an overview of the different front connectors for signal modules of SIMATIC S7 300. From the tables you can quickly see which front connector is available for which signal group. ...

ID: 23060726
FAQ Collection and linking of documentation on digital input/output modules of SIMATIC S7 300 / ET 200M.

Description: These lists are designed to help you find the necessary technical details quickly in the descriptions of the digital input/output modules of SIMATIC S7 300 / ET 200M. ...

ID: 29087161
FAQ What should you pay attention to when selecting digital input modules if you want to control these with relay?

To ensure that a DI module recognizes the status of a relay, you must make sure that the minimum current flows across the working contacts of the relay and into the DI module. ...

ID: 28856631
FAQ What is the meaning of the "Lamp load" specification in digital modules?

Description: In the load specifications of digital outputs a distinction is made between constant ohmic load, lamp load and inductive load. The values in the data sheets refer in each case to one digital output. ...

ID: 24176167
FAQ Which manuals for ET 200M are available for downloading in A&D Product Support?

Description: The tables below list the documentation concerning the Distributed I/O Device ET 200M. ...

ID: 24092648
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