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SM331, 8AI, 16BIT, Thermocouples
SIMATIC S7-300, Analog input SM 331, isolated, 8 AI thermocouples Type B, E, J, K, L, N, R, S, T TXK/TXK (L) according to GOST 16 bit, 50ms, 1x 40-pole

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FAQ Information about product-related environmental protection

Validity: Products of the Operating Company DI (Digital Industries) and Business Unit SI CP (Control Products) of Siemens AG.

ID: 39200038
FAQ How do you download the 3D, CAx and ePLAN data for the SIMATIC products?

You can use the CAx download manager to access the latest product data for your CAD or CAE system.

ID: 89671877
FAQ Which front doors for S7-300 modules can you use in particular when using a 40-pin front connector?

Use of raised front door for SIMATIC S7-300 modules

ID: 24286789
FAQ How do you standardize and destandardize analog values with STEP 7 (TIA Portal)?

Contrary to binary signals, analog signals take any number of values within a specific range. You have to convert or standardize and destandardize the analog values before you can process, display or output them.

ID: 77316903
FAQ How many ET 200M bus modules can you mount on a deep ET 200M mounting channel?

The number of ET 200M bus modules you can mount on an ET 200M mounting channel depends on the following:

ID: 109483722
FAQ How do you operate an ET 200M IM 153-2BAx1/-2BAx2 on a redundant ABB system, the AC800M?

The ABB system does not fully support the standard redundancy in accordance with "Specification Slave Redundancy V1.2, Nov. 2004 by the PROFIBUS User Organization; Order No: 2.212".

ID: 24220825
FAQ What should you watch out for with S7 analog input modules when measuring temperatures using the degrees Fahrenheit unit instead of degrees Celsius or Kelvin?

The error limits for temperature measurements in the manual are specified for the units degrees Kelvin and Celsius. There is a deviation for the unit degrees Fahrenheit.

ID: 17376496
FAQ How do you find the UL certificates for SIMATIC modules?

The following instructions show you how to find the UL certificate on our Support pages taking the example of an S7-1500 digital input module (article number: 6ES7 521-1BL00-0AB0).

ID: 102840331
FAQ SINAMICS S120, CU310-2 PN, CU320-2 PN: Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation

Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation. The MAINT LED of the CPU lights up yellow.

ID: 109478287
FAQ Why are the line lengths limited for the analog input modules when you use the "TC" measuring range?

Description In the case of temperature measuring with thermocouples, voltage is measured. After combining different metals, a change of temperature at the contact points produces a change of voltage ('Seebeck effect'). Depending on the metal combination the voltage change per Kelvin is a few microvolts which carry across the complete temperature range of a thermocouple. ...

ID: 109221568
FAQ What are the operational limits and the basic errors of analog inputs and outputs?

The most important values for determining the accuracy of analog modules are explained.

ID: 26116994
FAQ Implementation of SIMATIC modules of the product families S7-300, S7-400, ET 200M, ET 200S ET, 200iSP and TDC in environments with high concentrations of corrosive gas

SIMATIC modules of the product families S7-300 S7-400 ET 200M ET 200S ET 200iSP TDC are also approved for implementation in environments with high concentrations of corrosive gas in compliance with ISA–S71.04 severity level G1; G2; G3. ...

ID: 28569857
FAQ What is a hardware interrupt and how do they work in the S7-300 system?

Instructions: Events can occur in the current process which require responses which are quicker than are possible in the current program cycle. Events also occur which do not last long enough to be identified in the current program cycle. Therefore, there is hardware interrupt processing in SIMATIC S7-300 controllers. ...

ID: 23657941
FAQ Why are sporadically not all the modules parameterized when starting up a software redundancy configuration with 2 IM 6ES7153-2BA..-....?

Description When implementing a software redundancy configuration with two IM 6ES7153-2BA..-.... (hereinafter call IM), it might happen that when both IMs are switched on at the same time not all the modules (SM3xx, FM3xx, CP3xx, etc., hereinafter called IO) are not parameterized when the IMs are started up. ...

ID: 46802313
FAQ Which front connector do you need for S7-300 analog/digital modules and for S7-300 compact CPUs?

Description Attachment 1 here gives an overview of the different front connectors for signal modules of SIMATIC S7 300. From the tables you can quickly see which front connector is available for which signal group. ...

ID: 23060726
FAQ What should you watch out for when using a resistance thermometer that is not in compliance with DIN standards?

Description The S7 analog modules can convert the values of resistance thermometers, e.g. NI 1000, in compliance with DIN 43760. If a different standard is taken, e.g. TC 5000, you have to convert the characteristic. ...

ID: 18576987
FAQ How can you avoid measured value fluctuations at high temperatures when using infrared ceramic radiators?

Description: The conductivity of ceramic materials changes at a temperature of 400°C to 600°C and higher. This leads to temporarily higher differences in potential at the heating elements used and to measured value corruption in conjunction with potential-linked analog input modules with a low permissible common-mode voltage. ...

ID: 17444941
FAQ What should you watch out for when using HART measuring transducers in conjunction with S7-300 analog input modules that do not support HART signals?

Description he S7 analog input modules can be used in configurations with HART signals. If you do not need any HART properties for your HART measuring transducers, then you must simply make sure that there is adequate interference frequency suppression on the analog input module. ...

ID: 18578407
FAQ What should you watch out for with regard to open-circuit monitoring for SM 331 with order numbers 6ES7331-7SF00-0AB0, 6ES7331-7PF10-0AB0 and 6ES7331-7PF11-0AB0?

The description below applies to SM 331 with order number 6ES7331-7SF00-0AB0: For open-circuit monitoring, the modules output a test current at regular intervals (approx. 3s). The pulse peaks of this test current might interfere with some applications, for example when recording signal paths or calibrating via a voltage sensor. ...

ID: 19140681
FAQ How do you assign and identify thermocouples?

Principle: According to the Seebeck effect, when two different metals are combined there is touch voltage at the points of contact, which depends on the temperature. ...

ID: 676710
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