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SIMATIC WinAC Basis V3.0, UG
SIMATIC WinAC Basis V3.0, UG

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Application example Monitoring and Control of Network Components with a SIMATIC S7-PN CPU with the aid of SNMP

SNMP blocks for SIMATIC S7-PN CPUs for monitoring, controlling and configuration of SNMP capable network components.

ID: 57249109
Application example Guide for Migrating PC-based Controllers: from SIMATIC WinAC RTX to the SIMATIC S7-1500 Software Controller and TIA Portal

This guide supports your migration to the new software controller generation. It explains the advantages of the new technology and helps you migrate your system (including the controller, programs, hardware configurations and HMI).

ID: 109478804
Application example Reading and Writing RFID Data with SIMATIC S7-300/400 and SIMATIC RF670R

Problem   For incoming goods, stock keeping, production logistics and distribution, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) provides complete tracking and documentation of all delivered, stored and sent goods. Information of a mobile data storage unit (transponder) is read and written wit...

ID: 23626344
Application example Industrial Security with SCALANCE S Modules over IPSec VPN Tunnels

Task The task of this application is to demonstrate how data integrity, confidentiality and security can be ensured in industrial communication. Service employees are to be enabled to connect their PGs / PCs to the automation network via a secure connection and to run selected services. Access to...

ID: 22056713
FAQ How do you configure a WinAC MP controller (STEP 7 and ProTool) with PROFIBUS connection?

Description: There are two possible ways of starting to configure a WinAC MP controller. Either by using a sample project or by configuring a new project. ...

ID: 21303119
Application example The S7 Architecture

Topic Realizing the automation task into a structured controller program is significantly facilitated by many properties of the SIMATIC software as well as the firmware of the SIMATIC controller. The basis for creating an efficient program for controlling a plant or production machine is abo...

ID: 21064245
FAQ Which PCI slots in the SIMATIC PCs have exclusive use of the interrupt - i.e. don't share it with other PCI devices?

Configuration notes: Overview of PCI slots without interrupt sharing In the example below we show the assignments of the PCI IRQ lines to the PCI slots of Rack PC 847B. Modules requiring an exclusive interrupt can be used for slot 5 or 8 and 6 or 9 in the APIC mode. ...

ID: 12981782
FAQ Why aren't the actual values not saved in WinAC V3.x despite implementation of a UPS?

Description: If a computer is closed down via an uninterruptible power system (UPS), e.g. SITOP Power UPS Module 15, then the computer with the setting 'Close down PC after … sec' is closed down after the time specified via the data cable of the UPS.  ...

For products: 6ES7671-0CC01-0YX0, 6ES7671-0CC01-0YX4
ID: 11313172
FAQ How many connections can you set up to a WinAC Basis V3.x and WinAC RTX V3.x?

Description: The possible number of connections to a WinAC Basis V3.x and WinAC RTX V3.x depends on numerous factors. ...

ID: 2787310
FAQ Why isn't the output buffer written when a subcommand is executed?

Description: With WinAC RTX the proxy that is responsible for writing to the S7 variable specified expects the return value 'ODK_SUCCESS' from the subcommand (different from the WinAC Basis Version). If the return value is '0', the output buffer is written (see C++ example). The write procedure is not executed for all other return values. ...

ID: 26515444
FAQ Information about the topic of "Testing compatibility"

Instructions: There is information about the topic of 'Testing compatibility' available in the following manuals and sections. ...

ID: 26332014
FAQ Information about the topic of "Configuring communication with the S7"

Instructions: There is information about the topic of 'Configuring communication with the S7' available in the following manuals and sections. ...

ID: 26331431
FAQ Which PROFIBUS/MPI CP can be used as IF module of the SIMATIC WinAC?

Instructions: The SIMATIC WinAC Basis software and RTX support only the CPs CP5611, CP5611-A2, CP5613 and all versions of CP5613-A2 as IF module. WinAC Basis and RTX do not support any other CPs as IF module. The PCMCIA cards CP5511 and CP5512 are not supported either. ...

ID: 25428848
Download Programming a Loop with Indirect Addressing

QUESTION:   How to program a loop with indirect addressing in STEP 7? ANSWER:  ...

ID: 19345564
Download Latest Corrections for WinAC Basis

DESCRIPTION: Attached please find the latest error corrections for the WinAC Software PLC for downloading. New: DP5611 V1.6 SP2 driver for WinAC Basis V4.0/V4.1 Installation instructions: ...

ID: 15341534
FAQ How can you enable the Autostart function in WinLC so that WinAC starts automatically when the PC starts up?

Instructions: The table below describes the procedure for enabling Autostart in WinLC so that the CPU starts automatically when the PC starts up. ...

ID: 2969513
FAQ How can you configure data retention in a WinAC MP?

Introduction: The WinAC MP has different memory areas. If you enter parameters on the operator panel via input fields or change values via the STEP 7 program, then these inputs/changes are first transferred to the main memory. ...

ID: 21897369
Application example Client-Server Communications between WinAC Basis and S7-200 Stations via S7 Communication (PUT/GET)

 Problem  On the one hand a SIMATIC PC station should easily and cost efficiently tranfer small to medium sized parameter data to multiple small PLCs. Vice versa it should centrally collect process data from those PLCs. ...

ID: 20987586
FAQ Connecting the SIMATIC NET OPC server CD11/2002+SP1 to WinAC MP with PROFIBUS

QUESTION: How do I configure a connection between the SIMATIC NET OPC server and the WinAC MP with PROFIBUS? ...

ID: 17846062
FAQ Retentive data feature for S7 with WinAC MP V3.0 SP1

QUESTION: Is there a possibility to oganize any data range of the WinAC MP retentively? ...

ID: 15315685
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