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SIMATIC S7, Teleservice V6.1 Unlock Copy License, only valid in connection with Unlock Copy License agreement and valid license

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Certificate General Product Approval, China-RoHS, Manufacturer

Statement on the China RoHS directive, SIMATIC NET

ID: 109738732
Manual SIMATIC NET: Glossary - Specialist terms

11/2017, Reference Manual, C79000-G8976-C259-07

ID: 50305045
Certificate General Product Approval, Manufacturer Declaration, Manufacturer

CCC Statement regarding the CCC certificate -

ID: 109743044
Catalog/Brochure Catalog IK PI - Industrial Communication SIMATIC NET

2015, Catalog, E86060-K6710-A101-B8-7600, E86060-K6710-A101-B8-7600

ID: 109745642
FAQ What should you watch out for when selecting a modem for use with SIMATIC S7 TeleService?

Description For SIMATIC TeleService you need one modem on the Service PG/PC and under circumstances one modem on the TS Adapter on the remote plant. The latest TS Adapter versions have an integrated modem (as from TS Adapter II), but for special cases also allow you to connect an external modem via an RS232 serial interface. ...

ID: 1096710
FAQ Does TeleService (TS Adapter) support SMS transmission via an analog or ISDN modem in the landline network?

Description TeleService (TS Adapter) does not support the transmission of an SMS via a fixed network modem (analog, ISDN). The TS Adapter does not understand or support any provider-specific protocols like UCP (Universal Computer Protocol) or TAP (Telelocator Alphanumeric Protocol). ...

ID: 1557001
FAQ Which properties must a SIM card have for setting up teleconnections with TS Adapter and Teleservice?

Description If you set up a teleconnection via a GSM wireless modem with TS Adapter and Teleservice, the SIM card in the GSM wireless modem must meet the requirement below: ...

ID: 50710421
FAQ How do you reinstall a previous version after uninstalling TeleService V6.1 / V6.0?

If, after uninstalling TeleService V6.1 or V6.0 (e.g. after license expires), you reinstall a previous version (e.g. V6.0 or V5.x respectively), then when you start the application, the error message 'S7wtsapx.exe - cannot find entry point' is displayed as shown in Fig. 01. ...

ID: 21626217
FAQ What is the compatibility of TeleService software in conjunction with TeleService V6.1/V5.2 with a TS Adapter I/II?

Description:   You can also use the TeleService software with a TS Adapter that is of an older version. Both the TeleService software and the TS Adapter have been extended with upwards compatibility. Regarding the compatibility of the TeleService software and a TS Adapter when working together, the following holds with reference to the overall functionality:  'the components of the lowest version determine the functionality'. ...

ID: 10880647
FAQ Which DIN rail modems with industrial standard are appropriate together with TeleService for SIMATIC S7?

Description:   Generally, many commercial modem types that can be obtained on the free market are appropriate for operation with SIMATIC TeleService. The majority of the devices that can be found in the product range of the modem manufacturers can be characterized as mere 'office modems' and therefore have their range of applications in offices and personal environments, e.g. to make connections to the Internet.  ...

ID: 14529153
FAQ Information on the topic of "Checking compatibility"

Instructions: There is information about the topic of 'Testing compatibility' available in the following manuals and sections. ...

ID: 28322511
FAQ What is the difference between the PC Adapter and the TS Adapter in communication between the PC and the S7?

Configuration Notes: The PC Adapter and TS Adapter differ with regard to their firmware, function and in the way they are parameterized: The MPI/DP/PPI interface for the PC Adapter is parameterized directly in the STEP 7 software using the Set PG/PC interface... function. The MPI/DP/PPI interface of the TS Adapter is parameterized from the TeleService software via the function Extras > Parameterize adapter. Unlike with the PC Adapter, the paramete ...

ID: 187786
FAQ How do you parameterize the TS Adapter II / IE modems for Australia and New Zealand?

Instructions: The table below describes how to initialize the integrated modems of the TS Adapters II and IE for use in Australia and New Zealand. ...

ID: 34318746
FAQ Why is the "Local Modem" tab no longer in the PG/PC interface after installing STEP 7 V5.4 SP4?

Description: The 'Local Modem' tab under Properties of the TS Adapter II/IE in the 'Set PG/PC interface' dialog is no longer available after installing STEP 7 V5.4 SP4 if you have TeleService V6.1 or V6.1 SP1 installed on your PC. ...

ID: 34066012
FAQ How is the TS Adapter IE parameterized for an EDI connection with the product PCAnywhere?

Instructions: PCAnywhere from Symantec is supported by the TS Adapter IE. Fig.01 shows an example of the setup of an EDI connection to the TS Adapter IE. PC1 can remote control PC2 (PCAnywhere server) via the EDI connection. ...

ID: 29735634
FAQ Which settings do you have to make so that a ProTool project or WinCC flexible project can be transferred via TeleService Adapter IE?

Using the TS Adapter IE: Using the TS Adapter IE (TSA-IE), you can transfer the configuration of a panel or PC connected to an Ethernet network via the telephone network. ...

ID: 26999934
FAQ Why is the installation aborted after 68% during the "Registering application" action?

If the installation aborts during the 'Registering application' action after completion of 68% of the installation, write-protected files might be the reason for this. Check whether you have the '<DRIVE>:\SIEMENS\STEP7\s7reg' folder on your computer, where the write-protected files are located. ...

ID: 28368843
FAQ Which cables can you use for connecting the PC and the TS adapter?

Configuration Notes: The table below describes some examples and provides notes on connecting the PC Adapter and the TS Adapter. TS Adapter for Direct mode Connecting the PC Adapter to the RS232 interface Connecting the PC Adapter to the USB interface TeleService cannot be used via a dedicated line Setting up a connection via TeleSer ...

ID: 8039852
FAQ What should you watch out for when parameterizing the initialization string for a modem with TeleService?

Description: The initialization string is a character string composed of AT commands (quasi-standard commands for modems) with which the modem connected to or integrated in the TS Adapter is initialized. ...

ID: 17907350
FAQ How are remote monitoring and control performed with TeleService IE?

Instructions: By following the instructions below you can connect your local computer with the plant computer via TeleService and a TS Adapter IE. ...

ID: 25932435
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