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S7 driver f. CP341, MODBUS SLAVE, EL
SIMATIC S7, MODBUS Slave V3.1 single license for 1 installation R-SW, SW and DOCU on CD, HW dongle, Class A, 3 languages (de, de, fr, en fr), executable in STEP 7 V4.02 or higher, reference hardware: CP 341 and CP 441-2

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Catalog/Brochure Catalog ST 70: Products for Totally Integrated Automation-SIMATIC

2019, Catalog

ID: 109744167
Application example Modbus PtP - Standardized communication of PCS 7 with Third-Party Systems

Modbus is an open communication protocol which is widely used all over the world and supported by many manufacturers.

ID: 61586633
Download Loadable Driver Modbus Slave (RTU)

Loadable Driver Modbus Slave (RTU)

ID: 27774276
Application example Master-Slave Communication with Modbus RTU for S7-300 and ET 200S Systems

This application demonstrates how the function of a Modbus RTU master as well as of several Modbus RTU slaves can be realized flexibly in an S7-300/ ET ET 200S automation system.

ID: 109474714
FAQ Which hardware and software components do you need to establish communication between SIMATIC S7 stations and third-party devices using the MODBUS RTU protocol?

This entry gives an overview of the hardware and software components you need to establish communication between SIMATIC S7 stations and third-party devices using the MODBUS RTU protocol.

ID: 58386780
FAQ Which drivers can be loaded for the serial communication processors?

The following loadable drivers are available from Siemens Industry Automation for the CP 341 and CP 441-2:

ID: 1918186
FAQ How do you download a loadable driver such as "Modbus Master (RTU)" into a CP341 that is connected to an S7-400 H system by means of an ET 200M?

Instructions: You can also download other transfer protocols to the serial CP in addition to the default protocols in order to extend functions and adapt the CP341 to the communication partner. ...

ID: 17854293
Manual SIMATIC S7-300/S7-400 Loadable Driver for Point-to-Point CPs: MODBUS Protocol, RTU format, S7 is Slave

09/2009, Operating instructions, A5E00218418-06

For products:6ES7870-1AB01-0YA1, 6ES7870-1AB01-0YA0
ID: 1218007
FAQ What new functionality does the Modbus driver offer from V3.0?

Configuration notes: In version 3.0, the 'modem mode' function has been added to the Modbus driver. This function is only supported in conjunction with leased lines. The text below applies for the Modbus Master, order number 6ES7870-1AA01-0YAx, from V 3.0 and for the Modbus Slave, order number 6ES7870-1AB01-0YAx (x = 0.1). Both can be used on the CP 341 and on the CP 441-2. ...

ID: 2124488
FAQ How big are the transfer times in a CP341 in conjunction with a SIMATIC S7-318 CPU?

Configuration notes: The following tables list measured transfer times in relation to transfer protocols. An S7-300 with a CPU318 (6ES7 318-2AJ00-AB0, firmware version V3.0) and a CP341 (firmware version V1.0.2) were used for the time measurements. A function block FB 'P_SND_RK' has been programmed (exclusively) in the user program of the CPU. The time measured is that between the triggering and finishing of a job. The communication partners required for pr ...

ID: 18126529
FAQ What should you watch out for when programming the communication blocks for Modbus S7-300 CP341 as a slave?

Instructions:   If you wish to program the communication blocks for Modbus S7-300 (CP341) and S7-400 (CP441), copy the relevant standard blocks from the library to your STEP 7 project. Once you have generated your STEP 7 project, open the Modbus library in the SIMATIC Manager via File > Open... > Tab: Libraries > Modbus and select the Blocks container with the cursor. Copy the FB80 for the CP341 to your STEP 7 project. ...

ID: 18865330
Product note Correction to Catalog ST 70 - 2003: Loadable drivers for CP 441  

The specifications in catalog ST 70, edition 2003, page 5/57 concerning the loadable drivers for the CP 441-1 and CP 441-2 communications modules are incorrect. ...

ID: 16501911
FAQ MODBUS Software licence for CP 341 / CP 441-2 

QUESTION: How many licences are required for the CP 341 / CP 441-2? ANSWER:  ...

ID: 13211560
FAQ Point-to-Point-Interconnection S7-400 / CP 441 

QUESTION:  What has to be considered for a point-to-point interconnection with S7-400 / CP 441? ...

ID: 13031042
FAQ Replacing the communications processor with a new one with a different MLFB

QUESTION: What should I watch out for when replacing a communications processor or inserting a spare part? ...

ID: 8676366
Product note Modbus Master, Modbus Slave - New Versions and New Catalog No.'s

Concerns products with the Catalog No.'s: 6ES7 870-1AA01-0YA0 Modbus Master for CP341/CP441-2 6ES7 870-1AA01-0YA1 Copy license Modbus Master 6ES7 870-1AB01-0YA0 Modbus Slave for CP341/CP441-2 6ES7 870-1AB01-0YA1 Co ...

ID: 4353850
FAQ LED SFDP, deactivating in the case of a diagnostics interrupt of an S7 slave

QUESTION: The LED SFDP lights on my S7 CPU when the load voltage fails on my S7 slave. The diagnostics alarm cannot be deactivated in the STEP7 HW Config. What should I do? ...

ID: 748798
FAQ Time response of configured and non-configured connections

QUESTION:. What is the time response of configured and non-configured connections? ...

ID: 430500
FAQ Mode bus link with interface modules RS 232C, TTY, X27 (RS 422/485)

QUESTION:. Is it possible to have a mode bus link and multi-user mode with the interface modules RS 232C, TTY, X27 (RS 422/485)? ...

ID: 430698
FAQ Different time response when setting up and clearing down connections

QUESTION:. Why are there different time responses when setting and clearing down connections? ...

ID: 415724
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