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PROFINET IO ASIC, ERTEC 200, 3500 Pieces
PROFINET IO ASIC, ERTEC 200 (lead-free), 10/100 Mbit/s Industrial Ethernet, ASIC with ARM 946 processor, 2-port switch, PHY integrated, DRY PACK (50 trays) 3500 units

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Certificate EMC, RCM, Manufacturer

Suppliers declaration of conformity 94-6GK1-20110610

ID: 53484519
Catalog/Brochure Catalog ST 70: Products for Totally Integrated Automation-SIMATIC

2019, Catalog

ID: 109744167
Download Patch 01 for Evaluation Kit EK-ERTEC 200 PN IO Firmware V4.5

Patch 01 for PROFINET IO evaluation kit version 4.5.0, concerning EK ERTEC200 is released

ID: 109760397
Certificate General Product Approval, EAC, IVANOVO-CERTIFICATE

EAC Certificate 3032

ID: 109760378
Product note Update of EK-ERTEC 200 to Firmware V4.5

New firmware for the Evaluation Kit DK-ERTEC 200 for developing PROFINET devices with ERTEC 200 ASIC is available effective immediately.

ID: 109755145
Download EK-ERTEC 200: Firmware V4.5 on product CD

This entry provides the product CD V4.5 of the EK-ERTEC 200. The firmware can be run on the ERTEC 200.

ID: 109755151
Certificate Confirmation, Manufacturer

Radioactive Material in Products A0308

ID: 109754903
Certificate Confirmation, Manufacturer

Chinese Quality Check Mark A0210

ID: 109742369
Product note Delivery Release for ERTEC 200 in a new package size

  Due to the high demand we are offering the ERTEC 200 ASIC from now on in a larger package size of 3 500 pcs.. The package sizes of 70 and 350 pcs. remain available unchanged. ...

ID: 61475808
Product note Errata for ERTEC 200 and ERTEC 400

With immediate effect, updated errata are available for the PROFINET ERTEC 200 and ERTEC 400 Enhanced Realtime Ethernet Controller ASICs, with descriptions of functional restrictions and possible workarounds. ...

ID: 43883725
Product note ERTEC 200-2 and ERTEC 400-1 Released for Delivery

The innovated PROFINET ASICs ERTEC 200-2 and ERTEC 400-1 have been released for immediate delivery. The predecessor versions ERTEC 200A and ERTEC 400 will remain available for delivery until stocks are depleted. ...

ID: 33303465
Product note News from SIMATIC NET

In October SIMATIC NET offers in the Internet category 'What's up' in 'What's new' news about the following subjects: ...

ID: 5472358
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