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SINAMICS S120 CF card V4.3 SP2
***spare part*** SINAMICS S120 CompactFlash card without performance expansion including licensing (Certificate of License) V4.3 SP2

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Certificate Declaration of Conformity, EC/EU-Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

EC Declaration of Conformity 664.MENRo.BF.02.2107.023

ID: 22383669
Product note SINAMICS technical documentation

Irrespective of the particular application, whether you require online help for a specific machine message when operating a product, you wish to take the time and get to know a product or you wish to compile documentation for your own individual purposes: With us, you can find the current editions of technical documentation electronically, on data carrier and printed out.

ID: 108993276
Certificate Declaration of Conformity, Declaration of Conformity, Manufacturer

Declaration de conformite 668.Moroc.BF.50.1910.001

ID: 109769157
FAQ How can you insert the messages of a frequency converter in STEP 7 (TIA Portal) and configure them in ProDiag for the S7-1500?

The SINAMICS (G110/G120 and S110/S120) messages can be displayed without configuration in HMI with ProDiag in WinCC Advanced/Professional and via the CPU web server.

ID: 109749790
Application example Video: PROFINET as drive bus (Video)

Drives technology depends on precision and high performance. As a high performance drive bus, PROFINET provides the relevant functions for paper, printing, packing and all other production machines.

ID: 109742192
Certificate China-RoHS, Manufacturer

Statement to China-RoHS directive for Low-voltage products

ID: 109738616
Product note Technical Online-Documentation for SINUMERIK, SINAMICS, SIMOTION and SIMOTICS

The technical documentation for the four product families is provided online in the Siemens Industry Online Support.

ID: 109476679
FAQ SINAMICS S120, CU310-2 PN, CU320-2 PN: Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation

Maintenance request when allocating NameOfStation. The MAINT LED of the CPU lights up yellow.

ID: 109478287
FAQ SINAMICS S120: Correct parameterization of the drive when using motor holding brakes

Question Which supplementary conditions influence the permanent functioning of the motor holding brake of SIMOTICS main and servo motors? ...

ID: 108415371
FAQ SINAMICS S120: Temperature sensors for SINAMICS components

Summary: More detailed information can be found in the SINAMICS S120 Commissioning Manual, 04/2014, in Chapter 3.19 Temperature sensors for SINAMICS components. ...

ID: 104980446
FAQ TIA Portal: Encoder data alignment with a STARTER project for positioning SINAMICS S120 using SIMATIC S7-1500

Summary When positioning a SINAMICS S120 axis using a SIMATIC S7 via the PROFIdrive interface, the reference speed and encoder data in the TIA Portal must be aligned with the STARTER project. ...

ID: 103153708
FAQ SIMOTICS S: Brief instructions – replacing an DRIVE-CLiQ encoder (Generation 2)

Summary For 1FT7 and 1FK7 Generation 2 (G2) motors, it is simple to replace encoders on site. ...

ID: 89859023
FAQ SINAMICS S110/S120, encoder system: Fault F7442 when adjusting an encoder for a modulo axis

Summary Fault F7442 when adjusting an absolute encoder for a modulo axis or for motors with DRIVE-CLiQ ...

ID: 90156617
FAQ SINAMICS S120, SIMOTICS S: Additional motor protection through thermal I²t motor model

Summary The SINAMICS firmware comprises a motor temperature monitoring function (I²t) which functions independently of the built-in temperature sensor and can prevent burning out of the winding at standstill. ...

ID: 82609245
FAQ SINAMICS S120, Line Modules: PROFINET Communication in TIA Portal

Question Which telegrams can be used in the TIA Portal V11/V12 for communication of a DRIVE-CLiQ feed on a CU320-2 PN? ...

ID: 80688690
Manual SINAMICS, SIMATIC, MICROMASTER, SIMOTION, SINUMERIK, SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES, SIMODRIVE: Change regarding thermal motor protection for frequency converters

10/2013, Product information, A5E32971294A AA

ID: 81755004
Manual SINAMICS, SIMATIC, MICROMASTER: Changes to the motor thermal protection feature of the MICROMASTER, SIMATIC & SINAMICS inverters

08/2013, Product information, A5E31674145A

ID: 66825812
FAQ Inactive safety monitoring function SBR (Safe acceleration monitoring) with time-triggered transition from STOP B to SH (Safe standstill)

Summary Under a specific supplementary condition, the monitoring function SBR (Safe acceleration monitoring) is not activated. ...

ID: 67423330
Download EPLAN Electric P8 macros for SINAMICS S

EPLAN Electric P8 macros for SINAMICS S are provided in the following. The stated performance features provide examples of selected products and application cases or describe the technical possibilities. The information provided in the documentation includes standard configurations and descriptions or performance features which do not always apply resp. exist as described in the specific application or which may change due to further product development. In all other respects, the General ...

ID: 46141407
FAQ CCC certificates for the export to China

Information on CCC certificates for the export to China

ID: 46382761
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