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(UPC: 804766287787)
S120 TEC VIBX 6SL3077-0AA00-5AB0
SINAMICS Technology Extension license (Paper) VIBX Vibration Extinctions as of firmware V4.4

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Product note Sales release of new interconnection variants for SINAMICS G115D motor mounted and SINAMICS G115D wall mounted

With immediate effect, new interconnection variants have been released for sales for SINAMICS G115D motor mounted and SINAMICS G115D wall mounted.

ID: 109799906
Product note Announcement of product phase-out for the individual order of SINAMICS Runtime options and their CoL delivery format "paper"

SINAMICS Runtime options obtained through individual order numbers have the license information delivered by post in the form of a paper. For these order numbers we announce the product phase-out as of 1.10.2021.

ID: 109798678
Product note SINAMICS Technology Extensions for SINAMICS Startdrive

You can use the SINAMICS Technology Extension (TEC) with SINAMICS Startdrive Basic and Advanced, Version V16 and higher.

ID: 109771648
Product note SINAMICS Technology Extension: Delivery release for the new version V1.3 HF2 of VIBX (Vibration Extinction)

With immediate effect, the new version V1.3 HF2 of the SINAMICS Technology Extension VIBX for use in SINAMICS Startdrive V16 or later has been released for general delivery.

For products: 6SL3077-0AA00-5AB0, 6SL3077-0AA00-5AH0
ID: 109797171
Manual SINAMICS Technology Extension: VIBX (Vibration Extinction)

03/2020, Function Manual, A5E32163869

ID: 109797828
Catalog/Brochure Catalog D 21.4 N: SINAMICS S120 and SIMOTICS

News 10/2017, Catalog, E86060-K5521-E141-A1-7600

For products: 6SL3...-.....-....
ID: 109751875
Download SINAMICS Technology Extension VIBX (vibration extinction) V1.3 HF2

You can find the download including the SINAMICS Technology Extension VIBX manual here.

ID: 109738044
Application example SINAMICS S120: OA-Applikation VIBX (Vibration Extinction)

ask/application: For a stacker crane, mast oscillation is excited when accelerating and braking. The throughput and storage capacity/storage height are restricted as a result of this mast oscillation. Not only this, a reinforced mechanical design is required as a result of this mast oscillation.

ID: 92045471
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